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Leeya Robbins and the Secret of the Witch's Stone: Gripping Children's Series Fuses Battle Between Good & Evil with Bold Lessons of Self-Esteem

Masterfully crafted by D.R. Coleman, the ‘Leeya Robbins Mysteries’ achieves the double goal of not only giving young readers a compelling story to get lost in, but empowering them to believe in themselves and their potential. Book one in the series, ‘Leeya Robbins and the Secret of the Witch’s Stone’, sets the perfect scene for a series that promises to keep bedroom lights on well into the night…


Robbins, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- While the internet, text messaging and music rule youth culture, many adults are working diligently to preserve traditional past-times and prevent them from getting lost forever. Author D.R. Coleman is fighting this cause with gusto, by releasing a new series of children’s books that hark back to the golden days of storytelling.

The Leeya Robbins Mysteries fuse gripping narratives with bold life lessons. ‘Leeya Robbins and the Secret of the Witch’s Stone’ is the first volume and is already exciting young readers from coast to coast.


Leeya Robbins and the Secret of The Witch's Stone is a delightfully funny and entertaining tale that is sure to keep you in suspense. Written for readers of all ages, the story is about a young girl with psychic powers (Leeya Robbins), who starts her own detective agency after suspecting that her bestfriend was kidnapped by a witch. Her only lead would be a mysterious pendant that was left behind by her friend prior to her abduction. Recently, the small town of Ravenshurst has been plagued by a rash of mysterious and unexplained kidnappings.

The only person to witness any of the crimes was an eight year-old girl, who claimed to have seen a witch emerge from her bedroom closet and disappear with her sister into the night. When her father, Detective Chase Robbins, and the rest of the police department ignore the supernatural evidence surrounding the case, ten year-old Leeya Robbins decides to take matters into her own hands. With the help of her friends and her teenage brother Shawn, she embarks on a magical adventure that takes her to the dark and ominous world of Nocturnal Falls. In order to save her friend, she must battle her way through numerous threats and obstacles to stop the witch and unravel the many mysteries surrounding the witch's stone.

“The world is rapidly changing, and it’s vital that children keep reading,” says Coleman. “This is a classic tale of good prevailing over evil, a literary concept that has kept readers on the edge of their seat for generations. The best bit is that, with so many bad things happening in the world today, my book will allow children to examine their own lives and hopefully keep themselves on track.”

Continuing, “Young girls will get a huge boost to their self-esteem by diving into Leeya’s adventures. It’s a vital read for them.”

Reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, one reader commented, “This book draws your interest right away. It is a must read. Be prepared to lose sleep. I couldn't put it down!”

With more books to come, young readers are urged to keep their eyes out for future escapades with Leeya. Until then, ‘Leeya Robbins and the Secret of the Witch's Stone’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pODcCJ.

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