Legal Aid Lawyers for Divorce - a Role of Divorce Lawyer

In most divorce cases, one party does not have a lawyer to provide aggressive legal representation. The reason for this is that, often, that party can’t afford to hire one. It is not impossible to get a divorce without an attorney, but it helps to hire one if the dissolution of the marriage is acrimonious. The following will offer some suggestions about how to obtain legal aid divorce lawyers so that no one need go to family court unrepresented.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- If reaching an amicable divorce agreement seems impossible without an attorney and one does not have the wherewithal to hire one, it might seem hopeless, but it isn’t. There are several ways to utilize legal aid lawyers for divorce at little or no cost, enabling an individual to have a hard-working advocate by her side despite having little money. There are federally funded networks of legal services for civil cases that can do the work for free for low-income clients. The attorneys that volunteer their services can handle issues from Social Security cases to landlord-tenant disagreements to divorce with skill and aggressiveness. They can also help one find temporary housing or domestic violence shelters if necessary. While most legal aid offices help people based solely on their income, others take one’s assets into consideration, as well. To start searching for a legal aid attorney, look in the telephone book under “legal aid” or “legal services.”

Locating Legal Aid Lawyers for Divorce, Send Request for More Ways

Legal aid divorce lawyers can direct one to a family law attorney that specializes in divorce and takes the case pro bono, or for no cost. Qualifications for these lawyers vary slightly, but all of them need proof of one’s income. It is quite likely that one can obtain pro bono services if one is elderly, low-income, has AIDS, or is an abused spouse. Often, legal aid lawyers offer self-help divorce programs. The attorneys answer questions and help fill out forms, and the group may meet weekly or monthly. Be ready to ask questions in earshot of other participants, as these programs generally draw a crowd.

It is possible to make too much money to qualify for free legal aid but still be unable to afford a private attorney. There are legal aid lawyers for divorce that offer their services for a reduced price. Often, part of the services offered is a telephone hotline that charges per minute as well as sliding fee scale plans to help one get the representation he or she deserves.

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