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Legal and Logistical Issues Block Micronation Dreams, Reports

Problems with creating new nations drive market for private island living, reveals Prive Island Estates Analysis


Aventura, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Many people dream of having a country all their own, and some go ahead and declare a patch of the Earth to belong to them alone - and under their own laws. This, of course, causes big problems with the larger government that lays claim to the land or outpost, though in rare cases, it will come to pass that the founder of a micronation is indeed granted sovereignty. Even then, there are many logistical issues. With no larger nation to call itself part of, a micronation is on its own for defense as well as all of the creature comforts that are normally provided by municipalities.

"Issues like these are likely the main reason that more people don't take the micronation route," said Michael Neumann of Prive Island Estates. "Instead, they go for the next best thing: a private island. These islands are isolated from the main country and can have a feeling of being in an entirely different nation, but come with no legal troubles. They can also have all of the amenities of modern life."

The term "private island" conjures up images of an island owned by a single person, or at most, one family. In reality, they can take many forms. One form does follow the traditional image, and the amenities on this sort of private island can range from none all the way to the maximum. The main determinant, it turns out, is usually the distance from the island to the mainland. When the island is close enough, it's possible to bring in phone lines, cable TV, and electricity. If it's way out in the middle of the ocean, nothing is going to be getting there besides what fits on the owner's personal boat.

Some, such as My Private Island ( and similar Florida real estate, are quite different from what one may expect. "Our Prive Aventura ( development contains 160 residences on just eight acres," Neumann explained. "The residences are actually part of a high-rise that allows us to expand upward instead of outward. Despite the tall buildings and the presence of a road leading to the mainland, the atmosphere is still distinctly unique. Its remote location and relative isolation allows it to have a feeling all its own."

The presence of such implementations of the private island theme shows that, despite Florida's vast amount of cheap interior acreage, space is at a premium in the state's most sought-after locations. Its beaches and islands are covered in high-rises, to the point that having 160 neighbors seems isolated. For those who choose the apartments, however, it's a great chance to be among hip, upscale residents and away from the phosphorus trains and cow pastures of the middle of the state.

About Prive Island Estates
Prive Island Estates is a Florida real estate ( developer that's the owner of a wholly-owned island off of southern Florida. Its island sports a single apartment complex with 160 units and plenty of amenities. The island is accessible by road as well as over the sea.