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Legal Armor Donates $1 Million in Legal Fees to Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Legal Armor donates to help individuals facing foreclosure.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- In the response to widespread misconduct and mishandled loan modification scandals by lenders across the country, Legal Armor is launching a $1 Million donation campaign to help Americans facing foreclosure.

Homeowners facing foreclosure often do not have the money to hire an attorney for sound legal advice regarding their options even when there is gross misconduct on the part of their lenders in the loan modification and/or their foreclosure process. Homeowners are often forced to seek advice from their friends, mortgage brokers, real estate agents or even from the Internet.

“Legal Access is no longer affordable to the common American,” says Yvonne Engelbrecht, the VP of Operations of Legal Armor. “We created Legal Armor to make it affordable for homeowners to get sound legal advice. Getting bad advice from uninformed but well intentioned people often lead homeowners to make poor decisions that could lead them to lose their homes, ruin their credit and owe money to the IRS. Homeowners should discuss their situation with an attorney that specializes in foreclosure defense who can give them the full spectrum of options that they may not otherwise be aware of.”

Legal Armor was created to give homeowners facing foreclosure affordable access to a foreclosure defense attorney who can advise them on their options.

As part of its launch, Legal Armor is donating $1 million in legal services churches and any other non-profit organizations that currently help struggling homeowners. “Churches and non-profit organizations have been the bastions of hope for many homeowners. We want to reach out to these organizations and offer assistance to them to help their members who are facing foreclosure.”

Any church and non-profit organizations that are interested in obtaining more information about our program should visit

About Legal Armor
Legal Armor sells membership plans to homeowners facing foreclosure. Membership benefits include vital foreclosure defense services such as affordable access to a foreclosure defense attorney, securitization audits, credit counseling and more.

Legal Armor is a privately held company that was founded in response to the growing need for Americans facing foreclosure to have affordable access to an attorney that understands foreclosure defense. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Chicago, Illinois.

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