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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Whether a self-employed individual, a small business owner or the head of a privately owned company, the chances are that taxations are cutting into profits and making it harder in a time of global recession to stay ahead. The truth is, most individuals are paying too much tax because they lack the proper knowledge of exceptions to which they may legally be entitled to claim in relation to their income. It’s also not uncommon to fall foul of the tax authorities and without specialist help individuals and businesses can find themselves in a serious legal situation. has been gaining a lot of attention lately for helping entities that are having ongoing complications with the tax authorities. Legal Tax Resolution has helped clients with a variety of serious tax issues from tax liens, wage garnishments and notice to responds.

A spokesperson explains more:

“Having a tax debt can be daunting even for the most experienced business person. We have a team of CPA’s and Tax Lawyers who are experts in dealing with tax demands and the IRS. Initially we meet with clients to determine if we can help. If we believe we can resolve the situation and the client retains us we then represent the client with the IRS. This is often a huge relief with for clients as the IRS no longer contacts them regarding any debts.”

Providing tax help and advice on tax relief is the top priority for the accountants at Legal Tax Resolution; their website is set up to be as clear and concise an introduction as possible, outlining their key services and experience and urging individuals to contact them directly for a free consultation with a qualified CPA or tax lawyer.

The website features a list of specific tax issues that the accountants have dealt with in the past and can advise future clients on, as well as testimonials from previous clients who can confirm their successes. The site also provides services for those being audited or caught in tax controversies, and their Services section details the plethora of approaches and options available to new clients.

A spokesman for LTR had this to say, “The tax system is built to be deliberately complex and it’s difficult for your average businessman, already having the responsibilities of successfully running a business, to navigate this complex legislature, which is why we do it for them. We always aim to save our clients far more than we charge in fees, so it’s an obvious positive step for any business to come to us and discuss a quote.”

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