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Everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by the effects of drinking and driving. Next door, a mother mourns her son. Across town, a child lies in the Intensive Care Department of a hospital, in a coma because a drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into his father’s car. As a society, it is important to learn how to stop drunk driving so it no longer tears families apart. The following will offer some methods that can help slow the incidence of driving under the influence of alcohol, if not stop the practice altogether.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- It’s hard to ignore the statistics of drunk driving accidents. Every two hours, three individuals are killed in an alcohol-related traffic incident. These crashes resulted in over 13,000 deaths in 2012. Communities must work together to understand how to avoid drunk driving accidents so they can enact preventative measures for those who drink a few beers and then get behind the wheel of a car. For example, while hosting a party where alcohol will be served, make sure to offer non-alcoholic beverages, as well. Give guests the choice of leaving their keys at the door or not drinking for at least two hours before they plan to drive home. Be sure to have spare beds or air mattresses about for people who imbibe too much wine, liquor, or beer. It is always safer to have someone spend the night than to let them drive intoxicated.

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Other suggestions about how to stop drunk driving include when going out with a group of friends, designate a driver to ensure that everyone get home safely. If the designated driver slips and has a few drinks, call a taxi or another friend or family member for a lift. Save everyone else on the road some worry and get a ride or stay at a hotel rather than driving home while drunk. Encourage bar tenders to shut off drinkers who are exhibiting obvious signs of drunkenness. Offer to pay for a cab ride for a stranger to get him or her home safely if he or she is inebriated.

The above are all ways to stop drunk driving now, but the best way to solve a problem is to address it early on. With that in mind, parents and school personnel must talk to young children about the effects of drunk driving in first or second grade. Kids are generally smart enough to grasp that drinking too much alcohol and then driving a car is unwise and potentially deadly, so go ahead and talk to them about this subject.

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