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There’s a big test ahead laid out across a long a treacherous battlefield. This time however, military training won’t do any good. A flak jacket and helmet offer no protection in a court of law. A military divorce can hit like a sandstorm in the desert, and can distract from the mission at hand, which is to continue to perform with dedication and discipline for the armed services. However, active members of the military are protected from immediate litigation, so there is time to prepare a strong representation with the right counseling.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- Laws Protecting the Service Member: The Service Members' Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

- This program will protects service members from the added distraction of immediate civil litigation while on active duty. The protection lasts about three months after their duties have ceased, but can be extended indefinitely if they are on important missions etc.

The government recognizes that members of the military are fulfilling a very important duty and have stepped in to create a buffer that allows several months for their response. During this time they are allowed to focus on the job at hand. Still, in their free time it’s always advisable to begin researching what a military divorce is all about. They should know the differences this type of divorce entails, and the possible scenarios that may unfold.

- Hiring the right attorney is very important. Military divorce attorneys are unique, and usually deal strictly with this type of litigation. Finding one that is knowledgeable and experienced on the contesting points of their specific case is significant. These contesting points are typically child support, spousal support and military pension.

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Finding an Attorney

Finding the best divorce attorney available in their state should be their first priority. They deserve someone that can sit down with them either in person or over the phone and discuss the most effective method of representation appropriate to their case. Specific to the military, the best divorce attorneys always easy to find. However there are some great tools to find them if one knows where to look.

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