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Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- would like to offer some tips on how to find the right divorce attorney, including:

- Attorney Referrals
- Yellow Pages
- Bar Associations
- Ask Others

Lawyer Suggestions

If one comes into frequent contact with other attorneys, ask a few which of the divorce lawyers from Pittsburgh, PA they would recommend. Often, lawyers meet at luncheons and certain awards ceremonies. They get to know one another and form opinions about each other. This can help in offering an honest recommendation for a good divorce attorney, as well as for which lawyer not to hire.

Telephone Book

It is not recommended to just open the Yellow Pages and start taking down names of attorneys. It’s very hard to determine which of the divorce lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA to choose by closing one’s eyes and dropping a finger on a name. However, it can be helpful to choose three or four attorneys’ names and make appointments with them to discuss one’s situation. In most cases, the initial meeting is free, and one can get a good sense of the lawyers in that first hour or so, aiding one in making a decision.

State & Local Bar Associations

Bar associations have a complete listing of all the lawyers under their jurisdictions. The local bar association may be helpful if one’s divorce will be heard in one’s city. The state bar association has more names in its registers and so can provide more options. At any rate, divorce lawyers from Pittsburgh, PA are closely monitored by these groups, and how they perform in court and the way they approach divorce law are duly noted. This can be very helpful in choosing the right attorney.

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Talk to Friends & Family

One is bound to know someone who has gotten a divorce. Ask those people who they chose to represent them in family court, and why. Divorce lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA have many philosophies regarding divorce law; find out which one closely mirrors one’s opinion about how the law should be practiced. If one hears the same attorney’s name several times while talking to friends and family, perhaps that one is the best choice.

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