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“How could this have happened!!?” No matter how loud he raised his voice the empty living room responds with the sound of silence. His hands shake as he looks at his bank statement seething with anger. Maybe he checked his account a couple weeks ago, but somewhere in that time span till now, several large purchases were made by somebody right under his nose.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- He’s watched his account so diligently, but it had been so long since he even used that credit card that… or had it? Thinking back he remembered dinner out with some friends last weekend. Didn't he cover the meal with cash? Hmm… Think a little harder. Perhaps he just handed the waitress his card and thought nothing of it. What about his mail? Since he’s been getting his statements through electronic email he hasn't even been opening paper statements in months. They've just been going straight into the trash. Speaking of being online, he did purchase tickets to that underground art show. Now he’s starting to realize he’s been a little careless with his credit card lately. He has become a victim of ID credit card fraud and owes thousands. Here are some tips on how he could have protected himself from credit card theft.

- Never just throw mail away that has information on it such as a social security number, credit card number, or other information that a thief could use to assume an identity. Thieves will dumpster dive to find this information. Shred all of it.
- Beware who he hands his credit card to when making purchases. It may be busy, but he should have kept an eye on where it went once it left his hands. All it takes is for somebody to write down his credit card number without him knowing.
- Beware of making purchases online to websites he doesn't know are secure. There are so many scams online it is almost always best to avoid using a credit card at all. Paying for things in person. The risk involved is always present.

So he’s made some mistakes and been a little careless. Many people aren't constantly thinking about the dangers of credit card theft. Let this be a lesson. Visit for more help and answers on how to get protection from credit card fraud .

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