Legal-Yogi Service Offers Divorce Attorney for Men in Michigan

All across the country, marriages are breaking up. From Maine to Hawaii, women and men are searching for an effective attorney to represent their rights in family court. For men in Detroit, the following will look into how to choose from the best Michigan lawyers for men to stand up for them, and how to narrow down the choices.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Men often get treated unfairly in divorce cases. Almost 85% of the time, women are granted custody of the children and men are directed to pay child support. Men then have to adjust to “visiting” their kids, rather than living with them full time or seeing then as the spirit moves them to. It is for these reasons that they must contact and interview several divorce lawyers for men in Michigan. These legal scholars can help express a father’s feelings and desires to the court a bit more effectively than the father can, as he may become emotionally overwhelmed and unable to speak clearly. With so many choices of attorneys in Michigan, the best way to begin the hunt for the right one for a specific situation is to talk to other fathers who have gone through a divorce. Find out who they chose to represent them and why they did so. Once a few names have come up frequently, make appointments to meet with the lawyers mentioned. Come to these initial meetings with a list of questions, including how many people besides the attorney will be working on the case and how will they be paid, what the solicitor’s hourly fee is, and what extra costs might be involved in the case.

Connect with some business contacts and ask if they know some good Michigan divorce lawyers for men. Often, a business attorney has interaction with other types of lawyers and can give helpful feedback on them. An online lawyer directory can also provided pertinent information regarding an attorney’s track record in court and her personal philosophy. These directories tend to give in-depth profiles of the solicitors enrolled in them, making finding an effective one a bit easier. The director of the local chamber of commerce may be able to offer some insight about which lawyers fight hardest for their clients, as these folks tend to move in the same circles as do attorneys. If one is part of or is planning to become part of a men’s divorce support group, that may be one of the best resources to find an excellent, experienced divorce lawyer.