Online Business Offers Wide Variety of Legal Documents


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2011 -- The Legal Stop, an online business that provides high quality, affordable legal and business document templates, is getting a lot of attention for its wide variety of employment contracts and documents and templates.

“The Legal Stop provides legal and business documents and contracts for all types and sizes of businesses, from sole traders to large corporations,” said company spokesperson Debora Daffara.

“We have a large number of documents to meet every legal need. You can buy entire folders and/or individual documents.”

Using The Legal Stop’s website is easy. For example, by clicking on the “Employment” section, customers will be brought to a page listing dozens of employment documents from which to choose, including an Employment Contract—Basic Contract; an Employment Contract—Lay-off and Short-time Working; Maternity Leave Documents—Employee Pack; and Flexible Working Documents—Employee Pack. Prices range from £7.99 to £9.99.

If a customer needs more information on a specific document, he or she need only click on the document name and another page will come up, detailing what the contract of employment includes, and why it is necessary or required by law for an employer to have it.

In the case of the Employment Contract—Basic Contract, clicking on the name of the contract of employment brings up a list of all of the clauses and provisions that are part of the document, as well as the following information: “It is a requirement under the Employee Rights Act of 1996 for Employers to provide their Employees with a written statement of their main terms and conditions of employment. This must be provided within 8 weeks starting from the commencement of Employment. This Basic Employment Contract contains all the main terms and conditions required under the Act.”

Daffara said that all of the legal document templates available at The Legal Stop are drafted and updated by the company’s own legal team, so customers can be assured they are getting a high-quality employment contract.

“Our documents are of a high standard, drafted in plain English, can be used in a variety of circumstances and are cost effective,” Daffara said.

“Our documents are legally binding, governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. The documents have been drafted by UK solicitors and are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the law.”

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