LegalCare Gives Legal Consultation for Free


Brighton, Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Legal advice pioneer LegalCare is now bringing its team of legal advisors and solicitors closer to people through its online service which can be used for legal consultations free of charge. For 14 days, citizens within UK can avail its free trial consultation service with no strings attached. Using a question box in the website, interested individuals can simply type in their questions regarding any legal matters and receive the answers straight to their LegalCare accounts. Even though the service is free for a limited period, all transactions are still guaranteed to remain confidential and quickly responded.

Legal advice London remains the last option by many British because of the accompanying legal fees and paperwork. This makes LegalCare’s free online consultation a good opportunity to open up doors for many questions that may be too important to be left unanswered. The team’s legal specialties cover commercial and civil litigation, criminal law, divorce law, immigration law, personal injury law, tax law, family law and property law, among other fields.

After the trial period of the free legal advice, users of this online platform can continue to avail the legal services of LegalCare by opting to sign-up as a regular subscriber with a locked-in period of 12 months. Not cancelling on or before the end of the free trial period will automatically list users as subscribers with a concomitant monthly fee of £19.00. As a subscriber, you are given unlimited consultation service by a respected team of solicitors and legal advisors available 24/7.

Subscribers of LegalCare will also have added privileges, such as a free comprehensive will pack, a family legal protection, a wide online collection of legal document templates and a 25% discount on other legal services offered by the company.

Whether it is a serious legal matter or a simple legal concern, LegalCare in UK will assist you.

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