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Legendary Guitarist TK Kellman Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create Guitar Maestros


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2017 -- Veteran music artist and legendary guitarist TK Kellman has proudly announced that he will be applying his lifelong knowledge of playing guitar to this generation, the next generation and beyond. He has created an amazing method (The TK Guitar Method) by which, beginning students can learn the art of playing guitar even if they have never even held a guitar in their hands before. TK Kellman believes that making learning the guitar simpler and easier is the key to creating great guitarists in the future.

The most amazing fact about the TK Guitar Method is that it can enable almost anyone to learn to play guitar quickly and easily by simply following along with his easy to understand method. According to TK Kellman, even if someone does not aspire to be a virtuoso guitarist, almost everyone would like to at least be able to play "Happy Birthday" to a friend or strum their favorite songs for their own pleasure.

TK Kellman has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to complete his new course. The goal is to raise $4500 to complete the entire course. He welcomes everyone to learn more by visiting Kickstarter and checking out and supporting his project. Anyone who contributes $20 or more will be able to download the entire course for free and learn how to play guitar themselves the fastest and easiest way possible.

Learn more and see TK Kellman's sample video guitar lesson on Kickstarter by clicking this link: Supporters from around the world can back the production by making pledges and donations to the cause. Besides being able to download the entire course for a pledge of $20, he will offer a free personal and private half hour SKYPE lesson to anyone pledging any amount over $65.

About The TK Guitar Method
The TK Guitar Method has been developed by legendary guitarist TK Kellman who shares a unique and easy to understand method of learning guitar with anyone who wants to experience the joy of playing music. No more scouring the internet for bits of information on how to play from someone in their bedroom.  The TK Guitar Method logically lays out all the information  that you need in a step by step logical process that will have you strumming your guitar in no time. in fact, from the very first day! His personal one on one method, allows you to play along and be coached every step of the way. It's almost as if he were teaching you right in your own living room.  Now, TK is seeking community support to publish his guitar course with the aim of making the process of learning the guitar accessible to everyone. With a crowdfunding campaign launched at Kickstarter, Everyone is encouraged to make pledges and contributions to the cause.

Contact Person: TK Kellman
Company: The TK Company
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Country: USA
Phone: 702-302-8851