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Legendary Strength Publishes New Book on Developing Deceptive Strength

The new title, “Deceptive Strength” is the latest from Legendary Strength writer and strength expert Logan Christopher, and reveals muscle density secrets for surprising strength.


Santa Cruz, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- The aphorism Bigger is Better has been co-opted as an American value, with everything from the world’s largest frying pan to the world’s biggest athletes finding an audience. But size isn’t everything, and strength is very different. For individuals looking to develop their strength, it can be hard to do so without finding regimes whose goal is purely to increase size. Legendary Strength aims to redress this balance, and its editor Logan Christopher has recently published his new book, Deceptive Strength, explaining how individuals can remain trim and slight while unleashing their inner might.

The book comprises twenty five key concepts that redefine an individual’s approach to strength training, looking at everything from perception to best practice to nutrition, conditioning and more. It aims to be the complete guide giving readers everything they need to transform themselves into strength machines without putting on excess mass.

The book features fifty exercises used dynamically across twenty unique workouts each designed to maximise the gains from a single session. It totals 140 pages and each is filled with the secrets to success. To celebrate the release of the book, bonus materials are also being released with every purchase including fourteen different deadlift variations for maximum transformation.

A spokesperson for Legendary Strength explained, “Bruce Lee was legendary, and his strength was not in his size but in the attention he paid to developing each of his muscles individually to operate at the height of their capacity. Bigger men are not always stronger, and being strong without carrying excess size gives increased energy, flexibility, speed and capacity to be more athletic. As well as strength training exercises, Logan’s guides include instructions on how to do a handstand to aid in using strength for balance, and how to do a backflip to use explosive strength in movement. These applications keep individuals motivated to increase their dynamic strength while staying lithe.”

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Legendary Strength is the website of Logan Christopher, who dedicated his life to the pursuit of inner strength through increasing the strength of his body. His techniques offer individuals a way in which to increase their strength without hugely increasing their mass, allowing them to perform agile exercises and gymnastics easily without cumbersome excess size affecting mobility. For more information, please visit: http://legendarystrength.com/