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Lehi Utah Local Office Announces www.PigeonShip.com New Contract with "KSL News" (Starting May 18th) to Deliver Neighbor-to-Neighbor Promotional Items, Says Founder Jared Overton


Lehi, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- News: KSL Hires PigeonShip®™ for convenient deliveries. PigeonShip®™, Utah's popular crowed-based pick-up-and-delivery service, continues to catch the eyes of the most prominent Utah Business. KSL News, Utah's most prestigious news station will use PigeonShip®™for deliveries. To start, weekly-prize-listeners of KSL's popular stations will have the ability to have their prize Pigeon-Shipped direct to their door for free. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.


PigeonShip®™ is a crowed-sourced local pick-up and delivery services. In other words, local hard working citizens of Utah are now able to earn extra income while driving their cars to and from work. PigeonShip®™ has the unique ability to connect these local commuters with local-items needing to be delivered along their already existing route.


Locals are using PigeonShip®™ for every-day things, such as; picking up dry cleaning, groceries, take-out, and more. The service also comes in handy when someone forgets something and they don't want to return to pick it up. Using PigeonShip®™ for classifieds has become popular. No more driving long distances to pick-up a classified service. Users of the service love the idea of not having to package things up. They simply had it over to the appointed Pigeon and wait till it's delivered.

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Lehi Utah Local Office Announces http://www.PigeonShip.com New Contract with "KSL News" (Starting May 18th) to Deliver Neighbor-to-Neighbor Promotional Items, says Founder Jared Overton

Pigeons and Senders are everyday people just like everyone else! If someone has ever needed a delivery-service, then they'd fit right in with their Senders. If someone is driving a car with extra-space, and want to earn extra income, become a Pigeon and deliver items that are already headed in the same direction of the daily-commute! Pigeonship.com connects Senders who are looking for a fast, cheap, and reliable delivery-service, with Pigeons who want to make a little cash. They are the first "courier service" that offers faster, smarter, and hassle-free delivery of any item: ANY-SIZE; ANY-TIME. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

As a Sender, it is extremely important to follow the guidelines-and-protocols. PigeonShip®™ has created strict guidelines and well-defined protocols in order to increase user-satisfaction. A Sender that follows and meets these guidelines and protocols will insure proper pick-up and delivery of an item, increases their positive feedback rating, and ultimately result in significant savings and convenience for everyone. TIP: Snap a picture of the items prior to Pigeon pick up. The Pigeon will also take a snap shot. In the event of any confusion, the item-picture can easily be used to resolve any unforeseen issue. Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip®™.

About PigeonShip
PigeonShip is a solution to an age old problem. PigeonShip is a new concept to that meets an ancient need. The concept brings local people together and provides benefits for everyone. Our friendly couriers are willing to pick up and deliver your item. We call them Pigeons. It may sound like a courier or delivery service for packages and parcels, but don't be fooled. Our Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip®™. These Pigeons simply pick up and drop off items while commuting or running errands. Notice I said 'items', and not packages and parcels. PigeonShip®™ does not require packaging like the typical postal services do. For this reason, people are flocking to use the service.

Our current PigeonFlock consists of teachers, contractors, students, assistants, lawyers, programmers and more. Moms drop off their kids at school and pick up and drop off items on their way home, making extra money. You can be a Pigeon too, just sign up. I invite you to support PigeonShip and our local Pigeons. Meanwhile, enjoy the convenience and save a bundle of money utilizing empty space in vehicles.