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LE'Host Hair Explains Remy Hair Extensions/Weaves


West Bloomfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- People around the world consider that healthy and long hair directly correlates to a person’s inner health emotional peace. Healthy hair also contributes greatly to improving a person’s self ­esteem and self confidence as it is considered to be directly relevant to natural beauty. A growing trend across the world that is becoming increasingly popularized by models and actresses is the use of remy hair or natural hair extensions.

Remy hair are high quality hair extensions in which all the hair strands are aligned in the same direction from top to end. This has many advantages over other types of artificial or low quality hair extensions. Apart from providing natural hair texture and look, remy hair can give you a long and durable lifetime if maintained regularly. It also prevents the common tangling problems that can be found using other types of hair. However, remy hair cannot be collected so easily which makes it more expensive and harder to find. Though most companies and salons offer 100% genuine and unprocessed remy hair, they cannot be trusted. Only an expert can tell you the difference between the two. Before choosing a salon, you can consult previous customers to understand the quality of the hair extensions and the life time that it has offered them. Most salons and companies resort to light processing and adding of artificial hair locks in order to make the remy hair look more appealing and effective.

Virgin Indian hair or unprocessed remy is a type of the highest quality remy hair that you can find in the market. These are equally expensive but offer the most durable lifetime and natural texture. They usually refer to hair of people from India and Asia. The hair is unprocessed and made available in their original colors which makes it easier to color and shade according to your likings.

When you compare remy hair with non remy hair, it has a host of advantages and benefits such as:

Alignment- Remy hair involves hair extensions in which all the strands run through the same direction and are aligned perfectly. However other types of hair are obtained cheaply and usually consist of hair strands which are not aligned thus creating many problems such as tangling, unnatural look, etc.

Better quality- Remy hair does not undergo any processing and thus offers you all the benefits of natural hair. However, non remy hair usually requires treatments with acid and other chemicals that drain the moisture out of it. This results in dry and rough hair which can make it unmanageable and unruly.

Durability- If properly maintained, remy hair can provide with you with a long and durable lifetime. However, this is not the case with other types of hair extensions.

Thus, we can see that remy hair has a variety of advantages when it comes to using hair extensions. However, you must be careful when choosing the salon as the benefits from remy hair largely depends on the quality and blend of the hair that they are using. There are many people who claim to provide 100% genuine remy hair but usually end up cheating the customers.

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