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LE'host Hair Tells What Is Real Brazilian & Indian Hair Extensions


West Bloomfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- Within the past couple of years, the sales of human hair extensions have almost doubled. With the ever rising cost of artificial hair integrations made of real, virgin Brazilian or Indian human hair, many consumers have started seeking out better quality for a cheaper price, whether shop locally or online. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is that with the hair integrations they are buying for the cheaper price are actually made of fake human rather than virgin human hair.

How To Tell Authentic Real Virgin Hair Extensions From Fake Ones?

According to most stylists, the texture of the hair can tell the difference, but it is not necessarily that you will feel it. What you should know is that cheap hair extensions rarely have only virgin human hair; rather they are made up of a mixture of human hair and synthetic fibers.

If you want to find the best real virgin Brazilian and Indian hair weaves, then the following tips might come in handy:

1. Do your research, whether you consult with your friends who have purchased authentic hair extensions in the past, or with “trusted” salon stylist. Make sure you always buy from reputable suppliers. The market is full of sellers offering cheap hair extensions with HUGE claims that they are providing Virgin Remy. Think twice before buying something that is cheap because it might ultimately prove to be too expensive!

Remy refers to hair extensions made of human hair with nearly all of strands properly organized with all the roots pointing in one direction and the tips in the other, which makes them flow smoother. Since the hairs are actually donated by women from countries like Brazil and India, the hairs still have their cuticles. Remy hair extensions maintain their look, and resist tangling for a much longer period of time.

2. While it can be tricky, you still might be able to feel if hair extensions are a mix of human and synthetic hair by checking the fiber. According to most stylists, using a flat iron on the hair is the most ideal way to test it out. Most of the hairs are synthetic if they burn. You will also be able to tell if they synthetic by the smell of the burning hair.

3. Often, real but bad quality human hairs are used and the hairs usually go bad soon after your purchase. Avoid cheap labels that are not known, even if they are claiming to be a Remy is the only way to avoid these.

The reason Remy hair extensions are the best is because they are available in unprocessed and virgin hair, i.e. hair that has never been colored and processed in any way. This means that they are more long lasting and you can use them for up to three times.

Indeed, authentic Virgin Remy Brazilian and Indian Hair Extensions from reputable suppliers might be a bit more expensive, but you can be assured that you are not being cheated!

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