LEM Products Inc.

LEM Products Inc. Continues Pointing Focus Towards Lean Manufacturing


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- LEM Products, Inc. and CEO Maureen O’Connor, continues to point their main focus towards LEAN Manufacturing. According to O’Connor, continuing to invest in LEAN is essential for protecting their customers from ever-increasing costs associated with materials. New statistics show that material costs are escalating at a 7 to 10% rate, making in critical for the identification material manufacturing company to improve operational efficiencies.

“LEM’s competitive edge is rapid customer response with competitive pricing. We still operate based on customer satisfaction as the benchmark for our success – that is our culture,” O’Conner stated.

LEAN is described as the set of tools that assist in both the identification and elimination of waste. Steadily eliminating waste greatly improves quality of air and also assists in reducing both production time and material costs. Examples of tools used include Value Stream Mapping, Kanban and Five S.

“Waste is not good for our planet, and waste does not support competitive advantage”, says Ms. O’Connor, “therefore a Lean culture is environmentally sound and is an excellent business strategy.” Because LEAN focuses on getting the right materials to the right place in a timely fashion, O’Connor believes customer service will improve as well.

LEM Products Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture of identification products that protect people by identifying potential hazards, provide instructional and facility/site safety information. Precision manufacturing, a dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to achieving corporate targets for growth and social investment set LEM apart in the industry.

LEM Products Inc. is a WBENC certified company with the reputation as a leading safety identification supplier in North America and beyond. LEM Products Inc. is certified by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. Business placed with LEM Products Inc. qualifies for Federal and State Diversity Spend initiatives.

For over 43 years LEM Products Inc. has been providing wire marking, pipe marking, safety signage, lockout tags and other products to utilities, corporations, and manufacturers to mark facilities and products for OSHA/ANSI compliance and safety. Maureen O’Connor, CEO, has received numerous awards for her leadership, her commitment to diversity in the workplace and community involvement. Maureen is an advocate for the education of Autistic children and the Comprehensive Learning Center in Southampton, Bucks County, PA.

LEM Products, Inc. has been providing compliant and responsible industrial identification products for over 43 years. LEM has built a solid reputation, across industries as a dependable supplier of industrial products ranging from safety labels and safety signs to lockout tagout to custom tags and more.

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