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LEM Products, Inc. Creates Reflective Binder Sheets


Montgomeryville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2018 -- LEM Products, Inc., a nationwide distributor of industrial safety tags and labels, is now offering 3-ring binder sheets of high-intensity reflective letters and numbers. This new format allows industrial companies to easily store and access their reflective products for future use.

Binder sheets can be purchased according to number or letter. They each feature multiple labels for each character and can be further customized according to the needs of the customer. Customers can customize their binder sheets based on the size, material, and more.

Sheets can be ordered in 0.75 inch, 1 inch, or 2.5 inch character heights. The size that each customer needs will depend on their applications and standards. Custom letters and numbers are also available.

These high-intensity reflective numbers and letters are made of a prismatic grade reflective material that exceeds all applicable requirements for application for Types III and IV retroreflective sheeting as outlined in ASTM D 4956. They can also be produced in other material constructions to meet application needs. And since these labels are reflective, they prioritize safety and can be seen in the light or dark.

The labels can be placed indoors or outdoors in any weather conditions and used for a variety of applications. Customers can use these labels for electrical equipment, transformers, and more at their industrial site or electrical substation.

Reflective numbers and letters are sold in full packs of five sheets. By purchasing packs with each letter and number, customers will have a large supply to use however they see fit.

Customers can visit the LEM Products, Inc. website to purchase sheets of reflective numbers and letters to put in their binders for industrial application. In addition to these, customers can also purchase custom vinyl safety labels and other tags for their company.

To view the selection of these safety labels and many others, visit LEM Products, Inc. at https://www.lemproductsinc.com/ or call 833-536-8247.

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