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LEM Products Inc. Implementing Kaizen Process for Improved Efficiency and Productivity


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2015 -- Kaizen is a Japanese process pertaining to continuous improvement in the workplace, from standard procedures to innovative progressions. As a leading company that acts as a LEAN manufacturer of safety signs and labels, LEM Products Inc. is proud to announce they have begun implementing a Kaizen process into their daily procedures for improved efficiency and productivity. All employees of LEM, from its CEO to the assembly line staff, will follow the process.

For LEM Products Inc., following the Kaizen methods is a way for the company to eliminate waste and produce higher profitability. They have made changes in their procedures and monitored those changes for successful outcomes. With the new process, adjustments are made to meet specified requirements. Once the adjusted system becomes standardized, the cycle continues.

The company follows a series of steps laid out by the Kaizen method to maintain an orderly and productive workplace. The method is known as "5S" and includes the practices of sorting, straightening, shining (cleaning the workplace equipment), standardizing, and sustaining. Sorting involves using tags or custom safety signs to mark items needing removal, and straightening includes identifying where tools are located so employees can easily find the products.

The process is developed to learn how to identify steps that cause waste, which for LEM includes daily investigation and reporting to spot issues and eliminate wasteful elements of the manufacturing process. The professionals will identify waste in various measures, including when employees are waiting, movements of material in the process, overproduction, and excess materials in the inventory. Since implementing the Kaizen practice, LEM has seen a significant reduction in the company's waste, which has seen on-time delivery through higher productivity.

To inquire about the safety tags and products manufactured by LEM, or to learn more about their Kaizen process, please contact the company today.

About LEM Products Inc.
LEM Products Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacture of identification products that protect people by identifying potential hazards, provide instructional and facility/site safety information. Precision manufacturing, a dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to achieving corporate targets for growth and social investment set LEM apart in the industry.

LEM Products Inc. is a WBENC certified company with the reputation as a leading safety identification supplier in North America and beyond. LEM Products Inc. is certified by the California Public Utilities Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of General Services. Business placed with LEM Products Inc. qualifies for Federal and State Diversity Spend initiatives.

For over 43 years LEM Products Inc. has been providing wire marking, pipe marking, safety signage, lockout tags and other products to utilities, corporations, and manufacturers to mark facilities and products for OSHA/ANSI compliance and safety. Maureen O'Connor, CEO, has received numerous awards for her leadership, her commitment to diversity in the workplace and community involvement.

LEM has built a solid reputation, across industries as a dependable supplier of industrial products ranging from safety labels and safety signs to lockout tagout to custom tags and more.

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