LEM Products Inc.

LEM Products, Inc. Now Manufacturing Resistant & Nighttime Reflective Hydrant Rings


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- LEM Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of weather-resistant and nighttime-reflective hydrant rings to mark fire hydrants for functionality and ownership. According to the company, hydrant rings provide important information to firefighters, regarding the ownership and functionality of fire hydrants. Through the use of a hydrant ring, or collar, firefighters are given visual cues as they approach the emergency scene. The maintenance needs are quickly identified, making it easy for a firefighter to make a quick decision at the time of an emergency. LEM hydrant rings can alert emergency personnel, like firefighters, to the status of a fire hydrant.

The malfunction, or failure of a hydrant can be the result of many scenarios including colliding vehicles, improper opening from unauthorized users and environmental forces. Hydrant rings are used to identify insufficient flow, unacceptable low pressure to area customers and potential for backflow into the distribution system.

One of the growing problems involving fire hydrants is theft of water and unauthorized usage. With LEM hydrant markers, hydrants can be customized to enable water companies, utilities and municipalities to identify hydrant ownership. With this security, they can warn against theft and misuse because hydrants will feature a company name, telephone number and logo.

Customers can easily apply LEM fire hydrant rings, as they are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different valve dimensions. Also available through LEM, are stock and custom rings, offered in multiple color combinations. All hydrant rings available through LEM are durable, weather resistant, tamper-proof and provide easy-to-read graphics.

Light reflective rings provide high visibility in low light conditions, or during nighttime. While made from the same materials as standard rings, light reflective rings offer a reflective surface that can catch light and illuminate the ring. LEM offers reflective hydrant rings in the same size and stock as standard rings.

LEM safety identification marks the spot! From space shuttles to wind turbines, luxury yachts to automobiles, telephone poles to transformers, LEM Products Inc. is a global leader in industrial-strength warning, safety labels and identification solutions across industries. Made in America since 1967, our labels, tags and signs are designed and customized to exceed the demands of major corporations in the world’s utility, transportation and manufacturing markets.

Clients that start with us, stay with us. LEM is the strategic manufacturing partner to major industrial supply houses and has been designed into the specs of fortune 500 OEMs. Our rapid response to our customer’s requests, dedication to helping them achieve their objectives and willingness to support the supply chain initiatives for inventory reduction, cost savings, vendor consolidations and diversity initiatives put us in a league of our own!

Buy American, buy from LEM. 100% of our manufacturing occurs at our Doylestown PA facility, located just one hour north of Philadelphia. We are dedicated to the education, development and preservation of our workforce and to maintaining essential manufacturing jobs in the Unites States of America. A WBENC certified business since 2002, LEM Products Inc. is also certified by the PA Department of General Services and the California Public Utility Commission.