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LEM Products, Inc. Promotes Customer Safety with OEM Labels & Tags


Montgomeryville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2018 -- LEM Products, Inc. is a global leader in the production of custom and stock identification products for customers across a range of industries. For more than three decades, the company has helped customers significantly improve their safety measures and streamline processes with custom original equipment manufacturer (OEM) labels and tags. From machine safety signs and all-weather decals to control panel faceplates and pressure-sensitive numbers, LEM Products, Inc. provides customers with all they need to facilitate a safer and more productive work environment.

By creating OEM labels which can be either customized for a specific purpose or standardized for multiple uses, LEM Products, Inc. assists in simplifying processes and developing a more coherent workflow. The company designs both individual OEM tags as well as sheets of labels, which are meant to reduce time spent on tasks by consolidating all identification materials into one place. These labels are vital for establishing a work environment based on efficiency, safety, and precision — all of which are integral to a high-functioning assembly line.

When LEM Products, Inc. develops OEM labels for customers, the first and foremost priority is safety. By ensuring that each label is designed to the exact specifications of a given piece of equipment, the company offers their customers the assurance of accurate labeling on all machinery. This creates a foundation of safety on assembly lines, as workers can approach their job with certainty that all equipment displays the correct safety warnings and handling information.

LEM Products, Inc. provides custom OEM products to customers in all industries with over 35 years of experience to back it up. For any questions about identification products, workplace safety tags, or strategic supply chain management offered by LEM Products, Inc., call 833-536-8247 or visit https://www.lemproductsinc.com/.

About LEM Products, Inc.
Businesses that want to create safer construction sites should call 833-LEM-TAGS to order the company's products. Visit http://www.lemproductsinc.com/ to learn more.

For over 49 years, LEM Products, Inc. has been providing wire marking, pipe marking, safety signage, lockout tags and other products to utilities, corporations, and manufacturers to mark facilities and products for OSHA/ANSI compliance and safety.

LEM has built a solid reputation, across industries as a dependable supplier of industrial products ranging from safety labels and safety signs to lockout tagout to custom tags and more.

For more information, please visit http://www.lemproductsinc.com/.