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LensLocker Launches Offering Enthusiasts the Freedom to Rent Lenses, Cameras and Photographic Equipment Simply and Easily

High quality camera lenses and DSLR cameras are now available for rent from the Twickenham, London based company LensLocker. LensLocker are steadily building up a stellar reputation offering affordable photography equipment rentals throughout the UK, providing a service that gives photographers possibilities that formerly didn't exist in the area.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Photographers, with limited budgets in the UK have long been at a disadvantage when it came to equipment. Buying was the only option, even if an item was only needed for a short period of time or even just for a one off special event. Now Twickenham, London's LensLocker, a new company who rent lenses, cameras and photographic equipment have solved this problem, by offering rentals at great prices and always backed by superior customer service.

“We have a passion for photography, so we understand what it's like to not have easy access to the proper equipment for a gig or to have to buy a lens or camera without really trying it first,” explained a spokesperson from the company. “LensLocker answers these problems in a way that's a dream come true for professional and amateur photographers. Renting, rather than buying can often be the smartest choice.”

The professionals at LensLocker also are very happy to lend advice to photographers are what lens, camera or other equipment could help them best take care of a job. With such a large number of choices available, and no need to make a large investment in a purchase, photographers are given the freedom to always choose the right lens or camera for the job. Things like top DSLR lenses with their startling power are now placed within the reach of even amateur photographers at an affordable price.

The company stocks a long list of Nikon, Cannon and Sigma lenses as well as DSLR cameras. Tripods, lights and flash units, along with other important photography equipment is also available for rent.

Customers have responded to LensLocker's service, with positive feedback across the board.

Faye, from London, recently said, “Lenslocker Camera and Lens Hire is a great business, with very friendly and helpful people running it. Thank you very, very much!”

For more information on the company visit or call 020 8891 1613.