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Lentein Plant Protein Market Poised to Register Healthy Expansion During 2017-2025


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2018 -- Lentein Plant Protein Market Introduction

Lentein Plant Protein is a revolutionary new plant-based protein product that offers an incredible nutritional profile. It contains around 65-70% crude protein, which is extracted from water lentils, a plant in the Lemnoideae group. It contains a superior amino acid profile, which is higher than any other plant protein. The lentein is grown on an aqua farm and minimally processed into protein powder. This incredible protein-packed plant powder has the capability to positively impact both the world's food supply and an individual's nutrition. Lentein plant protein contains approximately 65% concentrated high-quality plant protein, and it is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and micronutrients. Lentein plant protein is high in carotenoids and antioxidants such as lutein and flavonoids. It is mostly preferred by vegan consumers as its gluten, soy, and dairy-free.

Lentein Plant Protein Market Segmentation

The Lentein Plant Protein market can be segmented on the basis of application, packaging, distribution channel and region.

By application, the lentein plant protein market can be segmented into food and beverage industry, and animal feed industry. In the food and beverage industry, lentein plant protein is used as sports and energy drink for gym athletes. It is also used in beverages, bakery and confectionery products, and ready to eat foods. Lentein plant protein is used as dietary supplement in the food industry for health concerned people. Animal feed Industry is also a growing segment which uses lentein plant protein as an animal feed ingredient to depend on the more sustainable source which uses less energy consumption, land usage and water consumption.

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By packaging, the lentein plant protein market can be segmented into P.E.T jars and cartons and tetra packs. Among these, the P.E.T jars are experiencing a higher growth in the market compared to other packaging forms.

By distribution channel, the lentein plant protein market can be segmented into direct and indirect sales channel, which can be further sub-segmented into departmental stores, convenience stores, specialty stores and online retail. Among all the indirect sales channel, specialty stores and online retail are the most popular ones for lentein plant protein.

By region, the lentein plant protein market can be segmented into five distinctive regions, which includes North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. North America is the leading region in terms of growth of demand for lentein plant protein, owing to the growth of vegan population in the region.

Lentein Plant Protein Market Drivers, Trends, and Drivers

Recently veganism is growing rapidly around the world and around six percent of the population of U.S. are identified as vegan, which is a rapid increase in rate from one percent in 2014. Gradually the meat and meat products consumption among the American and European population is declining due to the negative environmental effects as well as a wide range of health issues. Consumer awareness of the detrimental health effects of animal products is slowly increasing. According to the recent studies around 30 percent of the world, population is not only leaving animal products off from their diets but also seeking out plant-based meat alternatives and protein powders. Also due to emerging economies, high nutritional values of plant-based protein, and ethical reasons, the demand for lentein plant protein is increasing gradually. Owing to these factors, the market for lentein plant protein is expected to grow on a higher scale. Apart from all the benefits, the presence of substitutes in the market is obstructing the lentein plant protein market to grow globally.

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Lentein Plant Protein Market Key Players

The benefits of lentein plant protein are attracting the manufacturers to produce and distribute the products in the market. Some of the key manufacturers in the lentein plant protein market are Cargill, Incorporated. Parabel., Clean. Green. Protein. Vegan, Barentz Group, Kerry Group and Others.