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Lenticular World Offers Businesses 3D Lenticular Printing Services on Materials Such as Fabrics and Postcards


Hong Kong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2020 -- Lenticular World offers a variety of printing services on lenticular. Lenticular is a unique plastic material that is utilized in creating 3D, moving or animation effects. They are effective in enhancing a company's visibility. More so, Lenticular World services include 3D lenticular postcards, 3D lenticular fabric sheets, large format lenticular poster printing, 3D lenticular poster, lenticular fridge magnets, lenticular book covers, 3D lenticular business cards printing, lenticular DVD and Blu-ray inserts, and more. Thus, at Lenticular World, businesses are offered high-quality lenticular printing services that satisfy their advertising needs.

Answering a query, Lenticular World's spokesperson commented, "We are dedicated to providing creative, appealing, and custom-built printing advert solutions to our clients. From the year of our establishment in the year 2005, we have been among the reputable names in 3D lenticular printing that serve clients in the United States of America, United Kingdom, and also in the Middle East. We take pride in being a technologically-advanced printing company that utilizes environmentally-friendly PET lenticular sheet, UV 5 color printer, international advanced RD designing software, as well as Kodak CTP output equipment so as to produce high-quality lenticular prints that satisfy the advertising needs of our clients."

Lenticular printing is an effective tool in the marketing industry. This is due to its uniqueness. Colorful lenticular fabrics are used for decorations as they are smooth, reflective, and they have a light-distorting effect. These flexible lenticular fabrics are suitable for advertising, in the fashion industry, and also for personal use. They can be incorporated in luggage tags, key chains, coasters, notebooks, pencil cases, among others. Lenticular fabrics are also ideal in creating a new t-shirt design for students, office employees, etc. Hence, businesses that are on the lookout for a lenticular fabric clothing supplier can contact Lenticular World.

The spokesperson further added, "On a 3D lenticular postcard, you can be sure of having an extra space for your message as the receiver sees multiple images, with the magic of interlaced images. If you are an architect that wants to exhibit your skills, or a couple that desires creating an amazing save-the-date card via custom 3D postcards, you can execute everything in a very peerless way. For what it's worth, postcards can turn out to be a perfect selection when you intend to convey a unique wish during the festive season.

More so, lenticular fabrics are gathering pace in the world as they utilize high-end 3D printing technology through specialized lenses that helps in creating a hologram-like effect. Apparels and accessories that are made from lenticular fabric are ideal for the team building and promotions of a business. They are available in various effects like animation, 3D, zoom, flip, etc. Businesses that are looking for lenticular printing on clothing can get in touch with Lenticular World.

About Lenticular World
As lenticular is a unique plastic material, Lenticular World makes use of it in creating a 3D, moving or animation effect for its viewers. Thus, Lenticular World offers services such as 3D lenticular postcards, 3D lenticular fabric sheets, large format lenticular poster printing, and many more. Lenticular postcard printing involves the use of multiple images to create the appearance of animation when moved up, down, or to the side. They also employ many layers of just one image in creating a 3D appearance. Businesses that are in need one of the best 3D postcards printing service can reach out to Lenticular World.

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