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Lentz Law Firm Secures Landmark Asset Forfeiture Verdict on Behalf of Client

A client of Lentz Law Firm had one hundred thousand dollars seized by the FBI, who were forced to hand 80,000 back to the client after the firm secured a victory in the courts.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Asset forfeiture is a form of criminal proceeding in which the state confiscates material and financial assets accrued through illegal activities. However, this often occurs before the verdict has been passed, using only a ‘preponderance of the evidence’ to justify taking the assets. In these cases, individuals falling victim to this forfeiture must enlist the help of a lawyer. In LA County, there is one clear choice in Lentz Law Firm, who recently saw eighty thousand dollars returned to its rightful owner after it was seized by the FBI.

This is one of many such cases the firm has successfully fought, including everything from financial confiscations to property seizure s. The firm is a specialist in criminal defense, and led by respected lawyer Jacek W Lentz. The firm has received a ‘superb’ rating from the AWO law firms rating service, the highest possible, thanks to its tireless and aggressive work on behalf of clients.

The settlement was reached quickly owing to the aggressive pursuit of a line that highlighted claims about the unlawfulness of the seizure and lack of probable cause. This saved the client significant amounts in litigation, and was achieved despite the lack of any material evidence on a credible, legal source for the money.

A spokesperson for Lentz Law Firm explained, “Jacek W. Lentz has been a leading attorney in southern California in asset forfeiture for years. Jacek has a deep understanding of all the legal nuances involved in the field and is an aggressive, results driven lawyer on behalf of his clients. Everyone should expect the best when working with Jacek W. Lentz, and prepare for the worst if going against him. One of the premier criminal defense attorneys in LA County, Lentz has won landmark victories for clients and will continue to do so.”

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