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Les Herbes Pures J.B. Is Announcing Its Line of Herbal Products to Fight Insect Bites This Summer


Sherbrooke, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Les Herbes Pures J.B., a Canadian herbal products company, is announcing its line of  herbal products to fight insect bites  this summer.According to company officials, people should take Spring’s arrival as an opportunity to prepare themselves for the upcoming Summer months by, among other things, buying herbal products to treat insect bites, which are unavoidable.

Les Herbes Pures J.B sells a lot of herbal products that can be used to treat insect bites, among other usages. Indeed, according to its website, the company offers its clients Black Cohosh, C.C.E.-W, Chuchuhuasi, Echinacea, Fennel, Cajeput Oil, Plantain, Rue, Sanicle, Scullcap and Virginia Snake Root to fight the inconveniences of insect bites.

Anyone interested in Les Herbes Pures J.B.’s herbal products to counter the effects of insect bites should contact the company at the coordinates below.

About Les Herbes Pures J.B
Les Herbes Pures J.B was founded by Mrs. Jacqueline B. Blouin in 1985. The company was founded after Mrs. Blouin, who is suffering from significant health problems, decided to try a treatment based on herbal extracts created by an American doctor named Eugene C. Watkins. She was so satisfied with the results of her treatment that she decided to start selling Dr. Watkins’ products in 1983 before starting the company in 1985. While Mrs. Blouin is now retired, her daughter Myriam is now managing the business.

The company sells a great variety of herbal products that treat a wide range of symptoms from skin disorders and weight problems to cancer and addictions (drugs and alcohol). It is also possible to become an independent distributor of the company’s products.

Les Herbes Pures J.B. Ltée
351, 10th Avenue South
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, J1G 2R8
Tel : 819-822-2522
Fax : 819-822-3847
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