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Lesbian Fiction Novel the Love Sucks Club Is a Genre Crossover


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2014 -- Beth Burnett's third novel "The Love Sucks Club" recently became available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Sapphire books. While known as a lesbian fiction writer, Beth's skill at weaving a story breaks past genre stereotypes. She has entered that rarified realm of talented writers who authentically use universal themes to accurately hit straight at the heart of any reader. "The Love Sucks Club" mixes romance, a touch of paranoia, and elements of the thriller to weave a relationship story with supernatural elements.

"The Love Sucks Club" tells the story of Dana McComb, a woman who has set out to a Caribbean Island to become a hermit. She is plagued with psychic visions, some of which relate to the suicide of her soul mate. While trying to isolate on the Caribbean Island, Dana encounters various forces, both human and supernatural, that won't leave her alone.

Within the story of "The Love Sucks Club", Dana has written a novel titled "Anabelle Lies" about the relationship with her soul mate. To continue shaping her life as a hermit, she published the novel under a pseudonym. Her attempt to express her heart break in a novel while maintaining anonymity gets broken open by the arrival of Esma, a woman who shares Dana's past. She introduces herself by complimenting Dana's novel. Dana asks how Esma could possibly know she is the author of "Anabelle Lies". Esma replies that "Anabelle" was her ex too.

What follows is a genre bashing story of intrigue, paranoia, love and passion. Beth Burnett weaves a compelling story with exceptional dialog which evolves the complicated psychology of Dana and Esma.

Author Linda Kay Silva said of Beth Burnett, "I am more of a gore and blood kind of reader, but I love Beth's style and her careful attention to character detail. I LOVE her character creations, and they are even better in this awesome book. She has really hit her stride with TLSC."

"The Love Sucks Club" is available from independent booksellers, or on in Kindle or paperback form by going to

About Beth Burnett
Beth Burnett is also the author of "Man Enough" and "Andy's Song." She lives in Ohio with her soul mate dog, Brutus. When she isn't travelling, she is pursuing her Master's degree, teaching, playing the banjo, and working on her fourth novel.

Beth Burnett