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Lesbian Romance Publishing Company Has Successful First Year


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Spirited Sapphire Publishing gets ready to celebrate their first year successfully publishing lesbian erotica written by and marketed to lesbian, bisexual and bi curious women. The niche of women written and women oriented lesbian sex stories is a small one compared to the ocean of male oriented lesbian media.

Blame it on the golden age of cable television, late at night when badly dubbed European exploitation movies introduced a generation of young men to the wonders of topless girls kissing. However, if that generation's young men had not been watching movies like "Emmanuelle" at two o'clock in the morning, the evolution of LGBT acceptance in western culture would be emerging through a much slower crawl. Why? Most men found they were attracted to watching lesbian encounters, and most women have never felt overly threatened by lesbian love.

This fact has created an upbeat market for lesbian sex stories aimed at men, but has thus provided to date a narrow market for lesbian erotica aimed specifically at women. Spirited Sapphire Publishing entered that market with the express intent of expanding and developing it, where a month before celebrating their first year in business they claim overwhelming success with sales of their three lines of lesbian romance and erotic writing:

Lavender Love Diaries (lesbian erotica collections)

Lavender Love Erotica Shorts (single lesbian erotica stories)

Lavender Love Paranormal Romance Shorts (single lesbian romance short stories)

The founder of Spirited Sapphire Publishing describes her motivation for entering the lesbian romance and erotica market by stating, "We as humans, are by nature, sexual beings. And, in today's more open-minded society, sexuality, and sexual preferences are much more readily accepted, which therefore, allows for the free expression and expansion of these subject matters, to be crafted and made available in the world of arts & entertainment.

"While this expression and expansion of sexual preference in the LGBT community has been almost immediately successful in the gay male sector, on the ends of both the producer and the consumer, it has long been lacking in the female lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious sector."

All of Spirited Sapphire Publishing's work can be found on Amazon by going to http://www.amazon.com/author/spiritedsapphirepublishing

Spirited Sapphire Publishing published its first piece of work in July 2012, and has since then, gone on to publish a current total of 13 pieces of quality lesbian erotica, and lesbian romance literary works.

About Spirited Sapphire Publishing
All of Spirited Sapphire Publishing's works have been successful, and continue to be successful, proving that Spirited Sapphire Publishing is providing quality lesbian romance and erotica choices for women who are lesbians, bisexual and bi-curious. Every single piece of literary work is written by women, for women.

Additionally, Spirited Sapphire Publishing releases work with diversely expressed story lines, including in its range coming of age tales, best friend exploration vignettes, casual encounter stories, eroticism within established relationships, and fetish fantasies.

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