Less Alcohol and More Flowers Are Offered During Valentine's Day at Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Many hope that there would be less alcohol and more flowers during Valentine’s Day at Thailand. As reported last year, women in Thailand, most especially teens had got pregnant that might be the result of getting drunk. It is a fact that Valentine’s Day is mostly celebrated by Thai people to symbolize courtship. Hence, there are also teens that prefer alcohol when they don’t have dates or received no flowers from anyone. This would usually lead to the feeling of being alone and unwanted. Thus, it would be best to have more flowers and less alcohol during Valentine’s Day.

Thai teenagers are said to be looking forward in celebrating this sweet occasion. However, parents and Thai related authorities had expressed their deepest concerns about teenager’s getting drunk while celebrating this special celebration that may lead to Thai teen’s engagement in premature sex that could lead to pregnancy. To state a fact, there are reports in Thailand that there are many Thai teenagers who are planning to have sex during Valentine’s Day to express intimacy between lovers. Flowers may not be the solution for not engaging into sex but teens could prefer it more than the use of alcohol.

Hence, receiving flowers during Valentine’s Day could spare those Thai teens for feeling that they are unwanted. It is said that teens who don’t usually receive flowers tend to drink alcohol to mask their disappointment with regards for having no one as an admirer. Teens could also give flowers to the person they admire and invite them for a date. Thus, it would be good to give and receive more flowers during this special occasion to spare teens from drowning themselves on alcohol.

There are many flower shops in Thailand. So people, guys or ladies could grab flowers and give the person they admire and invite them for a date. If they are looking for fresh one that could be delivered on time, they could look for florists that offer freshly delivered flowers on time such as those that are provided by Gogo Florist. It would be highly appreciated if flowers are fresh and specially customized with the inclusion of little love things such as teddy bears and chocolates.

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