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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- is a website that engages in raising money for sports in all sports areas. The company claims that it is the world’s first crowd funding platform that raises finance for sports activities. The sports fundraising is quite helpful to athletes who need funds for their sports activities. It brings together financial supporters and sports athletes under one roof and raises money for sports projects. SportyFunder also provides backup to those projects which help increase participation in football and activities connected to football. is a program endorsed by the President of International Skating Federation, an Ex Olympian, as well as by the President of Youth Olympic Games. It is also supported by a Sports NGO in Columbia.

SportyFunder will be of immense help to those who are not financially strong and find it difficult to accomplish their sports dream. It offers some goodies to the project backer like a personalized Team shirt, a VIP invitation for attending a sporting event, a CD of the club’s progress.

SportyFunder has received praises from many people. Anna Arizabaleta, Director General of Colombianitos - an NGO in Colombia says “SportyFunder is a great innovation that can help raise finance to boost their operations”. SportyFunder is looking forward to promote this facility among all sports enthusiasts across the world. By financing sports projects it is immensely helping out the backward community to come forward and excel in sports.

Another creation of Angel Finance Group UK, SportyFunder combines 21st century technology (the internet) with people power (the crowd) in what has become the new alternative funding mechanism in the world: crowdfunding. The website engages local communities to give impetus to their sports projects by providing financial backup. The main idea behind this sports funding is to outsource financial backing as a support for local groups engaged in various sports. According to the Terms of Use, the website charges a fee 5% when 100% of the funding goal is attained. But a fee of 9% is charged as the funding goal reaches a minimum of 75%.

SportyFunder allows people to raise funds from across the world. helps Project Backers to donate to any project they are interested in, irrespective of the country. SportyFunder raises money for all kind of sports including wrestling, football, baseball and many more. SportyFunder is a global network where sports projects are backed by fundraisers from anywhere in the world. It does funding for sports with the aim of exploring new talents in sports. Overall 100 sporting categories are available for funding. SportyFunder keeps the financial details of backers confidential, so the amount invested remains undisclosed.

About SportyFunder
SportyFunder, based in London, is a company that provides sports finance for all kinds of sports related activities. It helps in crowdfunding sports projects of all kinds from financial backers across the world.

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