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Let Sunshine in This Spring with a New Skylight Available from Philly Roofing


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2013 -- Philly Roofing is excited to announce that they are now offering new skylights this spring. Is there a room in the house that is dark and dreary, making it one of the least used spaces in the house? Having a brand-new skylight installed from the professionals at Philly Roofing will create a more airy space allowing one to see the beautiful outdoors. They are now offering springtime services for those looking to add some more sunlight into their bathroom, family room, and even kitchen.

For those who have been contemplating the idea of having a skylight installed, they will be able to introduce more natural light into a room allowing any indoor greenery to thrive and freshen up the space. The contractors at Philly Roofing will be able to determine what size skylight will fit the room properly and allow for maximum sunlight to beam through the ceiling. If there is a formal dining room that doesn’t have enough windows or a door that opens up onto the back patio, a skylight is the perfect option. Create a new window right above and it can be used for an extra ventilation system this spring when the space gets too hot.

The contractors at Philly Roofing will plan accordingly and be able to provide the most satisfying results for homeowners. What most homeowners misunderstand is that one shouldn’t have a skylight installed solely for ventilation; it is more for natural light purposes. Being that they are not used interchangeably, Philly Roofing will determine the angle and the best place for a skylight to be installed for optimum results. Due to the fact that it is important to figure out where the sun sets and rises will determine the type of lighting that is let through. Philly Roofing is proud to offer skylight services this spring 2013 season for homeowners who are looking to add a little more sunlight into their home. For any other roofing needs no matter if it is flat, asphalt, etc. the contractors will be able to fix any repairs that Mother Nature has caused this winter season.

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