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Lethal Indemnity: A Hero Is Born in Vincent Anthony's Electrifying Debut Novel

An insurance adjuster wakes up in an alley outside a homeless shelter, beaten within an inch of his life. This event sets off a chain of events that change his life… forever.


Port St. Lucie, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Benjamin Chaze, the insurance adjuster at the center of Vincent Anthony’s searing debut novel, is an unlikely hero – but when a chance event sweeps him into a world he never could have imagined, he is forced to rise to the occasion as a relentless seeker of the truth or face fatal consequences.

After waking up brutally beaten and drugged, Chaze sets out on a journey to find out what happened to him – and why. Although the police believe that the attack must have something to do with one of his claims, neither they nor Chaze can pinpoint what. As he embarks on an odyssey of discovery with public adjuster Katrina Peters, Chaze becomes entangled in a web of depravity that seems never-ending.

“The insurance industry is the backdrop for this thriller and it has never been so exciting!” quips author Vincent Anthony, who is currently working on an anticipated sequel to ‘Lethal Indemnity’. “As a former insurance executive, I know the ins and outs and I know what goes on. Of course most of the novel is speculation, but there’s a tinge of truth to it – greed, corruption and crime go on each and every day and it’s often innocent and regular people like Benjamin Chaze who are affected.”

As exhilarating as it is elegantly written, ‘Lethal Indemnity’ will leave readers breathless until the last page… and astonishing surprise ending.

Official Synopsis:

Insurance adjuster Benjamin Chaze wakes up in Massachusetts General Hospital, severely beaten and drugged, with no recollection as to how or why. He soon discovers his apartment and car have also been burglarized. Someone has gone to great lengths and risk to get something from Ben.

He and the police come to the initial conclusion that he must have seen something while working on a claim, or inadvertently included something incriminating in one of his claim files. Working with public adjuster, Katrina Peters, they increasingly realize the stakes are far more than originally thought, and far more sinister than either ever imagined.

The race to find the answers holds the key to the prevention of their own demise.

Since its release, ‘Lethal Indemnity’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and rave reviews from fans.

“A real page turner - fast paced, great characters. I found it hard to put down. Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys mystery thrillers,” wrote one Amazon reviewer.

Calling the book “suspense at its best!” another reviewer wrote: “Great debut thriller, grabs the reader from the first page and doesn't let go. Well-written and fast paced. Characterization was top notch, believable but not overdone. Loved the "insider" intrigue of the insurance industry. Will definitely look for more from Vincent Anthony.”

“The book was definitely a page turner, exciting, and informative. I felt that I was there with the characters and the suspense was building with each page. I certainly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys crime mysteries. Personally, I can't wait for the sequel,” wrote another reader.

Watch ‘Lethal Indemnity’s’ official Book Trailer here.

‘Lethal Indemnity’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1ied13d

About Vincent Anthony
A graduate of Duquesne University, Vincent Anthony is a former insurance executive who spent most of his professional life in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a claims investigator, claims executive, and eventually a managing director of a large Property Casualty Insurance Company in Boston. He presently lives with his wife in Florida and is currently working on the sequel to Lethal Indemnity.