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Let's Go to China! Stunning New Series Exposes Young Westerners to Cultural Enchantment & Rich History of China

Meticulously researched and written by Tommy Tong, the compelling new series aims to raise awareness of China’s history, traditions and potential future as a superpower. With three books already published and a further four in development, Tong’s captivating work is poised to broaden the horizons of children from coast to coast.

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Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- Having lived in China for many years and adopted its culture with gusto, Military veteran and communications executive Tommy Tong became acutely aware that Westerners know very little about the nation powerful in both global influence and culture. After struggling to find a book to teach his own daughter about China while on sabbatical writing his adult book on Chinese sociology, Tong developed a new series of children’s books on China for early readers around the world… and those who would listen to them. He calls it his “three birds, one arrow” strategy.

With three books already published, Tong’s now celebrated series of children’s books is allowing Western children and their families to learn about China’s history, traditions and culture in a way never seen before.

Series synopsis:

This historically accurate, animated, edutaining illustration series on "China for Children" is designed to capture the attention of early readers and the parents they are reading to. Worded with little people in mind, the series provides enough nutritious substance to satisfy all ages. Parents, grandparents and even crazy Aunt Rose will learn alongside the future of our kind. From the million man-year project in the Great Wall to the 10,000 terracotta soldiers buried with China's first emperor, come explore the history of a nation that had the largest empire in the history of the world, the largest navy ever assembled still to this day, and the greatest economy on the planet just 150 years ago.

China is on the rise again and many believe the mysterious nation will take the 21st century by storm. This book series will increase the understanding and awareness young westerners should have of this awakening superpower.

The series’ first volume serves as the perfect introduction to China.

Synopsis –“‘Let's go to China’ is an introductory book with many wonderful pictures and interesting facts about China's history, geo-demographics, monuments, inventions and important people.

As the author explains, his series is unlike anything else currently on the market.

“While I was writing a socio-cultural book on China for adults, I’d often find myself laughing at the differences between life in the east and west. My curious young Daughter wanted to learn more but there were literally no resources to introduce China to her at an understandable level. I quickly saw a gap and filled it by writing seven books for young western readers,” says Tong.

Continuing, “I managed to raise over $15,000 and pre-sell four hundred copies through a successful crowdfunding campaign. This allowed me to hire an expert illustrator to do my narratives justice. The result has been extremely powerful and I’ve got future plans to write about even more exotic far-off places. The world is certainly getting smaller and our young generation deserve knowledge to appreciate this.”

The three published books are titled ‘Let’s go to China’, ‘Emperors of China’ and ‘Bodhi goes to China’. Upcoming books are ‘Genghis goes to China’, ‘Marco goes to China’, ‘Zheng he of China’ and ‘Festivals of China’.

For more information on the series’ published volumes and to order copies today, visit: http://amzn.to/1jRAtjH.

An official website will soon be launched at: http://letsgoearlyreaders.org.

About Tommy Tong
Tommy Tong has been a passionate advocate for East/West understanding for over 30 years. Prior to his military service, Tommy studied history, philosophy, political science and religions of the world with particular focus on East/West differences and relationships. After distinguished service with the most elite combat units, Tommy continued his studies in graduate school to focus on international business with the express intent of opening the doorways between East and West through commerce and cultural exchange instead of military might.

Since then, Tommy has risen through the executive ranks in multinational environments on four continents in many industries with particular focus on communications technology and education. He has commissioned officers, promoted black belts, married couples, saved lives, raised kids, built businesses, written songs, written books, performed for, taught, managed and led thousands. He is now sharing his wisdom with those he has grown to cherish most… the children and future of the world!