ApplenMicro Gives Away Software for Free


Bristol, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world. The fans of soccer are certainly the most vocal and dedicated of all the team sports. It is not unlikely to see an after-game party break out near a soccer stadium, with fans celebrating for many hours. The championships are a favorite time of year for soccer fans and to sync up with the events, William Webb has announced the release of some fantastic software for his site users.

To celebrate the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final, is giving away copies of premium football (soccer) stats software for free. For anyone who signs up to their blog. The website,, provides football tips and advice, betting, exchange, trading advice, and odds comparison.

William Webb, the editor of LetsCompareBets, is happy to announce this gift to all that sign up. “We don’t really get the opportunity to give back to our community often”, he stated recently, “So this is a big deal for us.” The software is quite handy for those that bet on soccer games, he pointed out. Also, the website itself will be adding new tools for following the statistics of the players, teams and championships. While there are other sites that accommodate betting on soccer, this site has the tools and resources that one would need to make an intelligent decision when it comes to betting on such a dynamic sport.

The site has grown to provide more than just bookmaker reviews, they actually give football tips and advice on how to use betting exchanges. The online betting calculator, only recently developed exclusively for this site, is an extra edge for the visitor.

The website was established in 2006. Webb stated, to celebrate the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final, the copy of the premium football (soccer) stats software they are giving away, for just signing up, is actually worth 120 GBP per year. The site owners have been able to get a high-volume discount for the software, and have 5 copies to give away free to lucky subscribers. “The happiest better is the educated better”, said Webb, “And we know that the software, combined with the information on our website will give the betting person the edge.”

For those that wish to learn more about this free software offer, they are urged to visit, to get theirs today.