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Santiago, Región Metropolitana -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Chile is a world of stark contrasts. One day visitors can be exploring the mysterious Easter Island, and the next day, they can be skiing in the Andes Mountains. Because of its wild contrasts, Chile can pose a challenge to tourists. Fitting all of Chile’s attractions into a single vacation can seem like a daunting task.

Fortunately, one website that has been getting a lot of attention lately wants to make traveling to Chile as easy as possible. At LetsGoChile.com, visitors will discover virtually everything they need to know about creating a Chile vacation. From booking accommodation to renting a car and everything in between, LetsGoChile.com believes it is only website vacationers need in order to research any type of Chile vacation.

A spokesperson for LetsGoChile.com explained why the website is so popular:

“Since 2004, LetsGoChile.com has created dream vacations for over 10,000 travelers. Along with connecting visitors to tours, accommodations, and cruises, we feature top travel tips from people who know everything there is to know about Chile. We can create totally customized tours based on the customers’ requirements and we are told by our customers our attention to detail in planning the perfect tour is unsurpassed.”

While the LetsGoChile.com website was created in 2004, the company itself has existed for over twenty years. The website seeks to combine industry experience with the power of the internet in order to create a convenient service for visitors.

From the LetsGoChile.com website, visitors will find accommodation information, custom tours, cruises, and car rental packages, among other things. The website seeks to make Chile tourism as accessible as possible. Whether visitors are familiar with the country or visiting for the first time, LetsGoChile.com caters to all demographics.

According to LetsGoChile.com Easter Island is one of Chile’s hottest tourist spots. People all over the world recognize the mysterious ‘Moais’ of the island. These statues have been in place for centuries, and little is known about how or why they were created. Let’s go Chile offer an Easter Island tours that will allow visitors to discover the mystery for themselves.

LetsGoChile.com also provides visitors with a plethora of quality editorial content on Chile. Their travel tips include cover everything from Chilean slang to lists of unique Chilean souvenirs.

Whether traveling to Easter Island or seeking a skiing vacation in the Andes Mountains, LetsGoChile.com seeks to provide all of the resources visitors need in order to create a memorable Chilean vacation.

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