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LettingWeb: The New-Age Letting Agents Web Aggregate Agency Extends Services Into Glasgow Region


Glasgow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- Letting agents innovative new networking service on the web, LettingWeb, recently announced the launch of their services in the Glasgow region property market.

LettingWeb Client Services

Founded a few years back by agents in the UK region, LettingWeb was initially set up with the sole intention to improve convenience of access and efficiency in the UK property market. Letting agents with long-standing established reputations, such as Lettings, Grant Property, and Pavillion collaborated through this web platform. They hoped to, and to this day still do, empower their clients through offering them additional letting services.

This included the famous LettingLegal service, which is basically a free forum for Lindsays solicitors to answer clients’ enquiries. Furthermore, today, LettingWeb boasts the largest of Scotland’s distributions and offers clients and potential investors cheaper checks on credit through their system called LettingRef. A loyal customer of the website released a statement, saying, “Lettingweb are great to work with and we plan to continue to use their site for many years to come."

What LettingWeb Brings to the Glasgow Property Market

The fact that letting web and its team of property consultants that run day-to-day operations offer a very personalized kind of service to every client is what sets it apart from other similar Glasgow services. In fact, they claim that taking care of each client’s property is their top priority at all times. One impressed Glasgow customer said, “Murray & Currie have a strong relationship with Lettingweb. The relationship is built on trust. Lettingweb always provide qualified connections thus benefiting landlords, tenants and us the agent."

About Letting Web
LettingWeb is an innovative new web service that offers landlords, tenants, and property realtors’ quick and convenient access to letting agents in the Glasgow and neighboring UK regions

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