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Leverage IT Consulting Releases New Report on the Contemporary Malware Environment

Recent investigation revealed a growing incidence of increasingly sophisticated digital threats, along with effective ways of staying safe, Leverage IT Consulting notes


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2015 -- Leverage IT Consulting, a leading information technology company serving customers in California and Nevada, released the results of an investigation into recent malware attacks in the United States. Having observed a surge in such activity over the last 18 months, Leverage IT experts have created effective strategies to protect the company's clients and others from cryptographic ransomware, phishing attacks, and other threats. The new report has already been delivered to subscribers to the Leverage ITC email newsletter and is available to all in the newsletter archive at the Leverage IT Consulting website.

"Far from being a solved problem, computer malware is becoming even more powerful and dangerous," Leverage IT Consulting Principal Thor Severson said, "Whether that means ugly attacks like Cryptolocker that hold business data hostage or key loggers that focus on stealing credentials, every company today needs to be on guard against these threats. Our recent investigation into today's malware environment revealed some interesting things and also helped us craft strategies that will keep our clients safe."

With millions of hacked computers worldwide serving as launching points for their illegal efforts, today's cyber-criminals are ruthless and ambitious. Independent computer security group the AV-Test Institute catalogs an average of 390,000 distinct new malware programs each day, with many of these being created to steal valuable data, extort money from victims, or otherwise do real, concrete damage to those they target.

Being on guard against such dangers, then, is a basic requirement of doing business today. The recent Leverage IT Consulting investigation found that it can take as much as 16 hours of work to recover from even the simplest of attacks, with major disruptions to operations and other costs also frequently mounting.

The new report also identified effective ways of defending against malware attacks and minimizing the damage that can be done by any that might slip through. For example, Leverage IT analysts found that simple, affordable firewall systems can help greatly in both respects, filtering out dangerous malware as it tries to cross into a company's network and preventing it from connecting back to the outside world if it should succeed.

The product of a practical, business-oriented viewpoint, the recent malware investigation and new report in the Leverage IT Consulting newsletter are only part of the wide range of valuable work the company regularly does for its clients. Leverage IT Consulting has become known throughout northern California as the supplier of Managed IT Services Sacramento companies most trust, for example, with a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That northern California office is also a highly regarded source for the Cloud Solutions Strategy Sacramento businesses are increasingly looking for as they seek to cut costs and improve IT efficiency.

The new Leverage IT Consulting malware report is available now at the company's website. Visitors there can learn more about the company's many IT services, as well as sign up for the Leverage IT newsletter to receive similarly interesting reports by email in the future.

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