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Leveraging ASTM B994 to Combat Hydrogen Embrittlement in Subsea Fasteners

Doxsteel Fasteners Tackle Subsea Bolt Failure Through Science and Research


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2017 -- Failure of subsea fasteners is the subject of research as the potential repercussions of bolt failure include huge economic losses from the failing equipment, possible collateral damage to surrounding installations nearby on the sea floor, safety concerns for the team who have to remedy the situation, and the potential damage to the environment such as fluid leaks through the ruptured lines. Analysis of prior events in zones such as the Gulf of Mexico has indicated hydrogen embrittlement as a factor in some bolt fractures. Where subsea flanges are secured with multiple bolts, it may be the first bolt fracture is missed as the operation may appear normal. In reality, it is difficult to view and assess the condition of the bolts in such a challenging environment. When failures occurred and the components were returned to the surface and studied, sometimes several of the bolts had succumbed to fractures.

Hydrogen embrittlement occurs when tensile stress, a corrosive environment, and metal susceptibility to hydrogen interact in such a way that the metal in the bolt becomes brittle and can break off. Doxsteel Fasteners utilize Nickel-Cobalt alloy coating ASTM B994 to act as a barrier against hydrogen embrittlement. The electroplating process used to coat bolts is tested every 30 days with specification ASTM F519 to ensure hydrogen is not being introduced. In hydrogen permeation cell testing experiments the Nickel-Cobalt alloy coating did not allow hydrogen to penetrate the material. Sacrificial coatings on other bolts can react with the seawater to liberate hydrogen, increasing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

For clients looking to source API 20E bolts, all Doxsteel Fasteners comply with API 20E standards and ASTM specifications.

About Doxsteel Fasteners
Corrosion is the enemy of fasteners and after encountering logistical problems working on seized bolts in the 1990's, the founder of Doxsteel Fasteners started looking for a solution to the problem. 'The World's Smartest Bolt' is the result of continuous research and development to revolutionize bolting and fastener production. Their goal is to consistently conceptualize and deliver safer, less expensive, and more scientifically sound industrial fasteners and subsea fasteners to the industry. Doxsteel Fasteners promise measurable benefits which can be summed up as 20.21.Zero. The statistics represent 20 times ROI, a fastener life expectancy of 21 years and zero hot bolting required. The promise is backed up by a fastener warranty which guarantees the fasteners will not seize within 5 years. Suppliers are audited annually using API 20E bolting specifications to make sure they meet the rigorous standards, and the Nickel-Cobalt alloy coating acts a barrier against hydrogen embrittlement.

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