Expert SEO Corp Offers Short Fiction and Funny Stories


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- now offers readers with a wide range of short fiction and funny stories that will surely be loved by everyone, regardless of age, gender, and preference.  Through these funny short stories, the website aims to inspire more readers and make them enjoy life and have fun while learning great lessons.

Humor is contagious. The sound of noisy laughter is more infectious than a sniffle, sneeze, or cough. Laughter has the capability to unite people and enhance intimacy and happiness. Laughter also triggers a healthy physical change in the person’s body. Laughter and humor strengthens the immune system, enhances energy, removes pain, and safeguards a person from the harming effects of anxiety. Most of all it is free, fun, and simple to use.

There are many ways to become happy, reading funny short stories is certainly helpful to any of them. The laughs you need to begin your ascension to happiness are free and available at Here, there are many funny stories that await every reader.  There are funny stories regarding work, stories regarding parenting, partying and drinking, Satire, relationships and so much more. Don’t hesitate to visit when you need to break free from those boring moments. is also provides short fiction stories that many teenagers will surely love to read. Reading stories like this allows teenagers to become involved in the story, which helps them to learn new vocabulary and sentence structure.  This also helps them become aware of intonation, pronunciation, and rhythm. stories are fun and motivating and can assist in building an attitude needed for learning and creativity.  Some of the stories here are very short, between 100 to 200 words, enough to make readers smile and be amazed, which is ideal for a giggle during a boring or a hectic day. There are also stories that are up 700 words long.  For those searching for something exciting, make sure to check out’s funny stories.  For those searching for magical stories or looking for stories about tragedies and war, check the short fiction stories.  There are many interesting and fun stories on this website, feel free to visit when you need to overcome a dull moment.

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