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Lexaprobirthdefectsnews.com: New Consumer Information Website Launched for Victims of Lexapro Birth Defects

A website dedicated to help victims of Lexapro Birth Defects, www.lexaprobirthdefectsnews.com, was recently launched. The new website will provide victims free case reviews and legal information regarding Lexapro and birth defects.


Gibsonia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- The consumer information website Lexapro Birth Defects News, http://www.lexaprobirthdefectsnews.com/ , was recently launched to provide families whose newborn or child are suffering from birth defects caused by the drug useful information about their rights.

The popular antidepressant drug Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate), a select seritonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), has been continuously prescribed to countless women in the United States to treat clinical depression and anxiety disorder.

However, pregnant women who took Lexapro, not aware of the drug’s potential serious side effects on their unborn infants, were shocked to discover later on that their child was born with what we now know as Lexapro birth defects.

Specifically created and dedicated to help victims learn more about the birth defects linked to Lexapro, LexaproBirthDefectsNews.com website also provides an easy online form that plaintiffs can fill up for a free case review to help them determine if they qualify for legal compensation from the drug’s manufacturer, Forest Laboratories.

According to website owner Patricia Goldwin, “In a 2009 crack down on illegal marketing practices by pharmaceutical companies, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Forest Laboratories of paying kickbacks to doctors who prescribed Lexapro, failing to disclose negative results from clinical trials of the drug and marketing Lexapro for unapproved (off label) uses. The drug maker agreed to pay $313 million dollars in fines and penalties in 2010 for charges related to Lexapro and two other drugs. Sales of Lexapro topped $355 million in 2007.” – quote from ‘Lexapro Linked to Serious Birth Defects’, an article in LexaproBirthDefectsNews.com.

Also, popular health care website **MedicineNet.com states that Escitalopram’s safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been fully established; therefore it should not be used during pregnancy, unless the attending physician sees that the expected benefits outweigh the potential unknown hazards the drug can impose to the fetus.

Women who were not informed about these side effects and the damage it could cause to the unborn child, may be eligible to file a Lexapro lawsuit with the proper information and guidance; and this is the unique service LexaproBirthDefectsNews.com is currently providing.

With Forest Laboratories’ exclusive ***patent on Lexapro already expired, the drug is expected to be even more prevalent in the United States compared to the last few years, as it can now be marketed and prescribed in generic form; hence, the need for accurate information regarding this drug and its side effects available to the public is greatly needed.

The launch of the new website, www.LexaproBirthDefectsNews.com is a promising development in the effort of empowering women with the right information regarding Lexapro and birth defects.

Through the website, victims will not only find valuable legal information and a free case review of their case by a legal representative, the website can also connect them with a knowledgeable Lexapro lawyer who can guide them on the proper legal steps in filling a claim for compensation.

For more information about their free case reviews on Lexapro birth defects, visit their website today at www.lexaprobirthdefectsnews.com or contact their representative directly for further details.

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A consumer information website dedicated in helping victims of Lexapro birth defects. By providing a free online form, plaintiffs can receive free legal information about their case, helping them in confirming if they qualify for legal compensation. The website may also connect victims to an experienced Lexapro lawyer.

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