GoogleNewsSubmit Announces Instant Network Unlocking for LG Phones


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- LG Unlocker, a leader in network unlock solutions, has announced the release of the new LG Unlocker: an instant network unlocking tool exclusively for LG phones.

Unlocking phones has become a popular need amongst consumers. With the event of smartphones, consumers have become more brand conscience and loyal then ever. Consumers who are dedicated to LG cellphones are no exception to this rule. A problem, however, is that there are many phones that LG users would prefer, but are not able to use them on the network of their choice. The only solution is a phone unlocking mechanism; the LG Unlocker. The LG Unlocker also increase the resale value of the phone when sold independently, since unlocking the phone allows it to be used across any GSM network.

According to Mark Operations, the manager of, the company has made every effort to ensure that the website is an easy experience for the customer. “The customer waits between 5 to 15 minutes for the LG network unlock code to be delivered,” he says. By using the LG Unlocker, the consumers can use their LG phone on any network and travel with their phone without paying overages for roaming. “Unlocking through us does not void the warranty, no personal data is lost, no functionality is loss, and entering the unlock code involves the effort of dialing a long phone number,” says LG Unlocker CSP Rep, Hannah. “Every LG owner can do it, and is recommended.”

For consumers considering the LG Unlocker, it is available now for $12.95. The low price is to celebrate the release of the product. Consumers who take advantage of the LG Unlocker today will receive the special price before the full price goes into full effect.

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