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LG's 32-Inch 4K Monitor Would Be Available on March 28th at $999

LG launched its premium 32-inch 4K monitor at CES2017 and it would be available for sale on March 28th and is priced at $999.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2017 -- LG launched its 32-inch 4K monitor, the 32UD99, at CES earlier this year and according to the pricing info listed on B&H and Adorama, it would be up for sale on March 28th with the price tag of $999.

The LG 32UD99 was first announced right before CES as a new member of the company's high-end monitor lineup. As a top-of-the-line monitor, it features a sleek-looking thin bezel and 4K UltraHD resolution which are getting more common among flagship monitors. Despite the thin bezel and 4K resolution, it also packs other high-end specs to compete with products from other manufacturers.

As one of the biggest IPS display manufacturers in the world, LG never disappoint its customers in terms of screen performance. The 32UD99 features HDR10 standard, which provides better performance in bright and dark scenes and makes the display more future-proof. Also the wide coverage of color space further ensures the color accuracy of the display. It comes with a typical brightness of 350 nits and peak brightness set to 550 nits.

The support for AMD FreeSync Technology is an absolute plus for gamers as it can improve gaming performance by significantly reducing the occurrences of broken frames and improving the choppy gameplay experience. With it gaming would be more smooth and pleasant without slight defects being a mood killer.

Seeing that the monitor has a response time of 5ms, it's safe to say that LG is aiming at big gamers. But so far there are still several key parameters about the monitor like the aspect ratio and refresh rate that haven't been unveiled yet, which is unusual as the two features have a major impact on gaming experience. Nevertheless, the monitor's made by LG which virtually translates to top-notch display performance. It's always an enjoyment to play games or watch 4K Blu-ray movies on PC with displays from LG.

The monitor also sports a USB Type-C display port and two HDMI 2.0 ports to ensure its connectivity to different PCs. And according to LG, the USB Type-C port can stream images, charge a connected laptop and perform data transfer at the same time. It implies LG's first move in ditching old standard ports like HDMI and DisplayPort, which is also a growing trend among monitor manufacturers.

From the information shown on B&H, the LG 32UD99 would be available for sale in the U.S. later this month on 28th at $999.

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