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Milton Keynes, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Henry Fox Talbot are widely credited with inventing the wet plate photographic process in 1826. Through the beginning of photography, couples did not often pose for pictures during the wedding and instead posed for a photograph in their best clothes after the wedding. In the late 1860's, more couples began hiring a photographer to capture pictures of them at the wedding venue. Producing photographs was labour intensive as well as costly and was reserved for the wealthy members of society who could afford to preserve their memories.

As technology improved, smaller film formats were developed, moving gradually from a 10x8 plate to 35mm roll film which is still used today. Cameras became smaller and more common, and consequently more and more people were able to hire photographers to take pictures at their wedding. In the 1970's, the cameras were small enough to allow for pictures to be taken during the entire ceremony without the couple having to pose. Now, there are few weddings without a photographer to mark the occasion and many of the photographers take staged and candid photos throughout the wedding and reception.

Liam Smith of Liam Smith Photography is one of the leading wedding photographers in the UK and was voted the best wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire in 2015 at the Wedding Industry Expert Awards. He began taking photographs at a young age and very soon knew that wedding photography was a speciality he wanted to turn into a career.

Liam Smith, wedding photographer Milton Keynes, stated, "Modern wedding photography is all about making a connection with your clients. You must develop trust which allows people to feel comfortable around you and enables you to capture true candid moments. My intention is to not interfere at all in the days proceedings and to capture natural events and emotions as they occur in front of me. The photographs should come together to form a narrative of the day that offers a true depiction of the entire wedding."

As a photographer, Liam Smith works to capture every special moment of the wedding day to provide a collection of images that tells the story of the couple and their wedding. He is based in Buckinghamshire but has travelled around the UK and Europe to capture the special moments of many couples on their wedding day.

"Although there are many wonderful places to have a wedding in Buckinghamshire," Smith stated, "I have enjoyed travelling for weddings in Spain, Italy, and other countries in recent years. I have been lucky enough to visit a variety of stunning venues and cannot wait to see where my career will take me next."

Photographs of recent weddings are included on his blog so couples can take a look at his style to determine if it matches their needs. Smith loves to travel, so awaits information from interested couples no matter where their wedding is going to be. He offers top of the line photography and is an award-winning photographer who wants to help them remember one of the most important days of their lives.

About Liam Smith Photography
Liam Smith has been a photographer for seven years and the day he photographed his first wedding, knew it was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He is based in Milton Keynes, but loves travelling to new and unique destinations to photograph weddings and has photographed many weddings across the UK and Europe. He encourages anyone who wants to hire a photographer, who has any questions or who just wants to chat, to contact him.