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Cordova, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Liberty Affairs Assisted Living (LAAL) is a unique entity founded by active members of the military who wish to help their brethren. LAAL is forging the path for superior patient care for veterans, active military members, and the community members that support them in the Tri-State area. With the highest concentration of veterans in the state of Tennessee and an estimated quarter of a million new vets in the next five years, the founders recognized the need for a facility that could aid the traditional care facilities with a back log in patients, and help with the over flow of paperwork and processing of our veterans benefits. LAAL has taken on the responsibility to help the men and women who fight for our freedom every day.

The Mission

Liberty Affairs employs, treats, and houses Veterans and their families in honor of their service. This mission is not to make money, gain fame or break any records, but instead serve those that have served us for so long. LAAL’s values include caring for the veterans and their families, who all make sacrifices for our freedoms every day.

Currently, Liberty Affairs is in the process of applying for government assistance in order to fund the West Tennessee Veterans Health Complex, which will serve veterans in the Tri-State area. But, Liberty Affairs does not want to have to wait for the completion of the Complex to help veterans! In order to help veterans today, LAAL is fundraising to procure the Liberty Affairs Mobile Care Unit. This vehicle will bring desperately needed healthcare to veterans and their families in surrounding the counties.

What the Mobile Care Unit Can Do

If this amazing project can gain the traction that it needs. The mobile care unit will deliver medical assistance to veterans who are unable to leave their homes or who live in rural areas far from any healthcare provider. This mobile unit will be utilized at various veterans’ events and will maintain a constant presence in the community.

Liberty Affairs will setup screening points throughout Fayette, Shelby, and Tipton Counties so that healthcare is more accessible to the more than 75,000 veterans in these communities.

With the help of volunteer dentists, doctors and nurses, Liberty Affairs will help homeless and disabled veterans immediately by offering a treatment center that drives to them.

What Can You Do To Help

The most obvious answer would be to donate whatever you can towards the cause. Liberty Affairs is excited to show just what your donation can do, through their mobile unit. Every little bit helps and even small donations of a few dollars can add up if enough people take part.

If you are unable to donate financially, there are still a few simple things you can do that could make a huge difference in the lives of so many veterans.

Consider taking the time to share. These days everyone is connected. Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or at the water cooler at work, talk about Liberty Affairs. Tell your friends and family about the mobile care unit. Spread the word and you will be helping these brave men and women out more than you know.

Do you have any experience with government grants or charity organizations? Contact Liberty Affairs and let them know. Sometimes, sharing a little information can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Another amazing way to help would be to volunteer your time. Contact them and see if there is anything that you can do to help veterans in your area.

There are so many veterans who have given so much to protect and serve our country, with just a little effort you can help Liberty Affairs give them the care that they deserve.

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