Liberty Classroom Smashes PC Myth and Economic Fallacies Through Real History and Austrian Economics


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Liberty Classroom is the new online education site shaking things up with real history and Austrian economics. Learning and getting good a education does not always have to take place inside the classroom. There are so many ways to improve academically and Liberty Classroom offers one of the best and most powerful ways to do so. It is the fastest and most effective way to sharpen one’s mind in many areas of learning, particularly on subjects involving Austrian Economics, U.S. History, Western Civilization, and Logic.

The new release of Liberty Classroom proves to be a solid resource for information regarding these topics and more. But what is more interesting is that there is so much to uncover in these fields that were hidden in school. According to the professors in this institution, the truth is out there and it is only a matter of reaching for it.

“Most of us learned politically correct U.S. history in school. The economics was at least as bad. It's never too late to learn the truth. At Liberty Classroom, you can learn real U.S. history, Western civilization, and free-market economics from professors you can trust,” says the faculty.

The various courses are offered in audio books so going through them is fast, easy, and highly convenient. One can simply plug in the audio books and be enriched on the way to work or to the grocery. The support is also good as discussion forums are available and open for members. This can be found at liberty classroom and any questions regarding the learning materials can be brought out in the forums and discussed.

Some of the most popular courses at the recently updated liberty classroom are Introduction to Logic which contains 20 lectures; Austrian Economics Step by Step with 35 lectures; US History to 1877 with 30 lectures; US History since 1877 with 27 lectures; Western Civilization to 1500 with 42 lectures; and Western Civilization since 1500 with 42 lectures. The length of these lectures and courses vary. There are some which are 30 minutes long only while others can go to 45 up to 55 minutes where 100% learning are expected to transpire.

The professors are very helpful in answering all questions to bring forth more knowledge and understanding. Monthly live sessions, recommended readings, and optional quizzes, are also provided and those with access will enjoy first the new courses that are currently in the works. Liberty classroom is has just attained the level of #1 place to learn for libertarians and aspiring free market economists.

The Faculty of liberty classroom are constantly on the move to provide the highest quality of learning to its members. With big names such as Thomas E. Woods Jr, Kevin Gutzman, Brion McClanahan, Jason Jewell, Jeffrey M. Herbener, and Gerard Casey who is teaching the new lectures on Logic, members can expect the best of the best as all are highly qualified to teach on these fields of interest as proven by their extensive resumes.

There is so much to be gained when learn from the new Liberty Classroom. For parents, the various courses and products offered by the institution will surely be of great aid to children who are still in school as they fortify their knowledge and become like the experts as they are learning from the best. Visit the website and start learning more today!

Austrian economics, U.S. history, western civilization and more available now at Liberty Classroom. Learn how to defeat the every day zombies with logic, facts and a commons sense learned at Liberty Classroom.

Jackson Paine
San Antonio, TX