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Liberty Technology Solutions Now Offering Telephone and Internet Bill Audits


Moorestown, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Liberty Technology Solutions is now helping customers pay less for telephone and internet this May. With Carrier Services, the company acts as an agent for carriers such as Comcast, NetCarrier, and Line Systems, and shops around to get their clients the best prices.

Businesses can hire Liberty Technology Solutions to audit their telephone and internet bills. Companies often pay more than they need to for such utilities, which is why Liberty Technology Solutions offers Carrier Services to help clients pay as little as possible. Liberty Technology Solutions will analyze telephone and internet bills in detail and find out how to save the company money every month.

The team at Liberty Technology Solutions has years of experience in the IT Support and Business Telecommunications industry and strives to use their knowledge to help their clients pay as little as possible. They take a client’s current services to Comcast and other carriers and request quotes to see which one charges the least. Businesses can minimize their expenses without even having to do the time-consuming work of checking every carrier’s prices.

If another carrier has better prices than a client’s current provider, Liberty Technology Solutions will step in to offer the services of the new carrier. This practice allows businesses to have a single point of contact for all their telephone and technology equipment and eliminates conflict between carriers and phone vendors. Liberty Technology Solutions will help businesses find the carrier that makes the most sense for their operations.

Offering a plethora of business technology solutions, Liberty Technology Solutions also installs business telephone systems, such as VoIP, Digital and Hosted Systems in PA and NJ. Therefore, businesses looking to not only install a phone system, but be trained on how to use it, can count on Liberty Technology Solutions to give them the system they need to communicate efficiently.

For IT support services in Philadelphia and South Jersey, visit Liberty Technology Solutions online or call 1-800-762-1222.

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Since 1996 Liberty Technology Solutions has offered IT services including business phone, media and security, cabling and infrastructure, and carrier services. They serve businesses in Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, South Jersey, and surrounding areas.

For more information visit Liberty Technology Solutions online at or call 800-762-1222.