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Lice Lifters Gets Rid of Lice with All Natural Head Lice Treatment


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- One of the most common places that children catch head lice is from school. With the start of the school season starting soon, parents can prevent head lice by bringing their child to the Lice Lifters center for a checkup. The facility specializes in treating patients from North Jersey with an all-natural head lice treatment that kills lice in one session. The products that are used by the lice technicians are from the Nit Nanny treatment line, which also can be purchased by families to combat the infestation at home. Compared to other lice treatments bought over-the-counter, the Nit Nanny products are an effective solution that is guaranteed to work.

The head lice treatment of Lice Lifters near Wilmington, DE, not only eliminates lice but also soothes the itchy scalp. The ingredients of the solution are pesticide-free, non-toxic and are safe for the entire family to use. The Nit Nanny products are also clinically proven to work and are recommended by certified physicians. In just ten minutes of use, the individual being treated becomes noncontagious. Families who want to avoid catching lice can purchase the Nit Nanny Detangler Spray, which deters lice while working to unravel knots. The treatment is highly effective because the elements in the mixture do not hurt humans, only lice.

Another tactic to preventing lice is to participate in the Lice Lifters' Nit Support Program, in which families can send or personally deliver a sample of anything discovered on the head. Once the technicians receive it, they inspect the sample under a microscope and call the participant with the results. Lice Lifters offers a lice removal service that is guaranteed to kill lice by 99.9%. The company also supports National Head Lice Awareness Month, which takes place throughout September.

About Lice Lifters
Lice Lifters® of Lafayette Hill is a lice treatment center that is dedicated to helping those who are suffering from lice get the proper, and safest, treatment that is needed to effectively eliminate lice. Giving families the peace of mind of living lice-free is Lice Lifters'® main goal, as well as controlling outbreaks.

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