Lice Lifters of Bucks County, PA

Lice Lifters of Bucks County, PA, Announces One Quick Lice Treatments


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- For those who are looking for lice treatment in Bucks County, they can now go to Lice Lifters for a quick one time treatment that uses a special Triple Threat Treatment containing The Nit Nanny, which is a non-toxic, pesticide free product. By using The Nit Nanny, one is able to ensure that the child or any individual is safe from harmful products that may be on used in other lice treatments.

For those who have families, Lice Lifters is a very kid friendly treatment center that provides movies, snacks, and even cable TV. The lice treatment center in Bucks County is more than just a quick service; they offer a unique experience and further educate family members who have been dealing with the struggles of head lice. It is even pediatrician endorsed and school nurses recommend this Triple Threat Treatment that uses an FDA approved Louse Buster Device to complete the process. Lice Lifters understands the importance to get rid of lice for Bucks County residents, especially with the school year in session.

Lice Lifters provides that personal touch when it comes to treatment and providing the educational resources and correct knowledge about lice that is credible making one’s experience as easy as possible. As one of the best head lice treatments in Bucks County, parents and individuals can be rest assured that the certified technicians at Lice Lifters will take care of everything. Over the counter products are shown to be less effective than Lice Lifters lice removal products. With their one time quick treatment, they have been responsible for successfully treating over 2,000 individuals and educating those in head lice prevention.

About Lice Lifters of Bucks County
Lice Lifters of Bucks County is a treatment center that is dedicated to helping those who are suffering with lice without having to use toxic pesticides on family members, children and loved ones. They strive to give parents and guardians a piece of mind by living lice free. Lice Lifters of Bucks County offers a safe, kid friendly way that is 99.9% guaranteed. Their mission is to help those control outbreaks for everyone.

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