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Lice Lifters of Bucks County, PA, Reveals New Tips on What to Know and Clean when It Comes to Head Lice


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- As a parent, hearing that a child has lice can be a nerve-wracking thing to deal with. Being most frequently discovered through children, thinking of every hat he or she wore, sweatshirts, pillows, and beds as to what they have been in contact with can be quite stressful. In order to get rid of lice in PA schools and homes, Lice Lifters of Bucks County, PA is proud to reveal new tips for what parents should do and know about when it comes to head lice, and how to do a thorough home cleaning.

When it comes to head lice there are no boundaries. Whether it is shared through a sports helmet, hairbrush, headphones, or anything, they are extremely contagious and are not caused by lack of hygiene. Doing a thorough in-home cleaning after someone living under the roof has been diagnosed with head lice is important to handling the problem at hand. In order to kill head lice in Philadelphia homes, a person must take the proper precautions in order to make sure they are not spread throughout the home. Certain items can be put in the dryer such as blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, comforters, bathroom towels, coats, and many other garments. For items that simply cannot be put in the dryer, it is crucial to vacuum carpets, pillows, the interior of a car, and couches. These are all objects people lay around on and use daily that could be infested with head lice.

Parents should know that most head lice is discovered visually, however the most common symptoms are itching of the scalp. If one happens to be looking for lice treatment in Montgomery County, Lice Lifters can treat and diagnose any child for head lice and other infestations that are suspicious. If one’s child has been diagnosed with head lice if not found out at school, it is important to notify them immediately to prevent any outbreaks from happening. The professionals from Lice Lifters of Bucks County know how worrisome finding that their child has lice can be, however do not freak out, stay calm because the necessary treatments and cleanings are offered. With these few new cleaning tips and information, Lice Lifters hopes to help those get rid of lice in PA homes and schools everyday.

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